Stealth Wear by
Adam Harvey


This range of anti-drone clothing was created by New York designer Adam Harvey to hide the wearer from heat detection technologies.

Stealth Wear by Adam Harvey

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, can be equipped with thermal imaging cameras and deployed by the military or police to locate individuals using heat signatures. The metallic fibres in Harvey's lightweight garments reflect heat, masking the wearer's thermal signature and rendering them undetectable.

Stealth Wear by Adam Harvey

Three pieces make up the collection including a zip up cape with a peaked hat, which almost completely cloaks the body, and a scarf that can be draped where needed. "Conceptually, these garments align themselves with the rationale behind the traditional hijab and burqa: to act as 'the veil which separates man or the world from God,' replacing God with drone," says Harvey.

Stealth Wear by Adam Harvey

The cropped hoodie is designed to cover the head and shoulders, areas that would be exposed to drones overhead. Pieces were designed in collaboration with New York fashion designer Johanna Bloomfield. All images are copyright Adam Harvery/

Stealth Wear by Adam Harvey

In his lastest opinion column, Sam Jacob discusses how US surveillance programme PRISM and the impact of digital culture are influencing design thinking.

Stealth Wear by Adam Harvey

Our other stories about design based on surveillance include eavesdropping devices that were presented at an exhibition in Israel and lights modelled on security cameras.

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  • That might even be effective, if it didn’t leave half the body exposed.

  • High Rank Officer

    One day these clothes could be highly necessary for any consious citizen and also totally illegal to possess, trade or wear.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Let's hope they are illegal sooner, rather than later.

  • Oh man! That’s so edgy and topical. I hope he gets an A on his thesis.

  • Ben P

    Omni fail.

  • Donkey

    I'd like to wear this even when I'm not being spied upon.

  • Chris A.

    Zoolander did this one already:

  • LOW

    Fashion, helping us cross the border.

  • Grammy

    It's fashion, Zoolander ruined fashion for ever.

  • Jesiah

    It’s a wearable Dr Green-thumb Sizzlean screen. You know, to block the nosy pig’s vision! Haha.