Food Huggers by Adrienne McNicholas
and Michelle Ivankovic


Industrial designers Adrienne McNicholas and Michelle Ivankovic have launched a range of silicone caps designed to preserve leftover fruit and vegetables (+ slideshow).

Food Huggers

Named Food Huggers, the brightly coloured caps slip over half-eaten tomatos, lemons, apples or kiwi fruit to form a seal with the cut side, keeping the natural juice in so the food stays fresh for longer.

Range of four silicone caps fit snuggly onto left over fruit and vegetables

The upper edges wrap around the produce to keep the caps in place and the four different sizes overlap slightly to there's a good fit for any item.

Food Huggers silicone caps

There's also an Avocado Hugger with a bobble that fits over the stone if it's protruding or presses inwards if the stone has been removed.

Silicone caps by Food Huggers

The soft caps nest neatly inside each other for storage and come in four different colour palettes.

Silicone caps by Food Huggers

The products are available through Kickstarter until Friday 13 July.

Silicone caps by Food Huggers

Other clever kitchenware on Dezeen includes an extendable egg tray, an espresso maker for the microwave and silicone dishes for steaming food.

Silicone caps by Food Huggers

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  • Adeem

    Unsustainable garbage. We need to stop filling our world with rubbish like this. There is no need for this product. There is no hope for our species and many others if our creative thinkers are producing rubbish like this.

    • recon::decon

      “Unsustainable garbage,” how so? This seems to be a solution that aims to get away from using disposable Ziploc bags or plastic wrap.

    • Why would it be? I am always left with half finished fruit and vegetables. I use plastic bags to preserve them and I hate them.

      What would you recommend to do with those left overs?

      • ???

        How about putting it face down on a plate?

    • pooja

      Totally agree.

  • DesignSux

    Nice bedpans!

  • Jerzy

    How about leaving your unfinished fruits with no cover overnight in the fridge, that should not damage them?

  • James

    There was a product very similar to this on Dragon’s Den a few years ago and they all absolutely hated it and said there was no need for it. To be fair, their pitch was awful.

    Why not use tin foil to cover halves of fruit and then just reuse the tin foil when you need to cover them again?