China suspends construction
of world's tallest building


Construction of China's Sky City suspended

News: construction of China's 838 metre-high Sky City tower has stalled just days after it began amid safety fears and a lack of necessary government approval.

Chinese media channel Xinhua news has reported that the construction of the world's tallest building, set for Changsha in central China, is postponed until the project passes relevant safety examinations and gains building permits.

Construction of China's Sky City suspended

Authorities in the Wancheng District of Changsha are still examining the building's structure and firefighting facilities, reported Chinese state publication The Global Times, adding that applications for official licenses are still underway.

This news comes only days after a ground-breaking ceremony was held at the site.

As previously reported on Dezeen, construction firm Broad Sustainable Building Technology plans to erect the tower using pre-fabricated components that slot together like a Meccano toy.

Construction of China's Sky City suspended

When completed the steel skyscraper will be taller than Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and include schools, a hospital, office facilities, 17 helipads and apartments for over 30,000 people.

Last year Broad Sustainable Building Technology announced that the tower would be built in just 90 days.

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Images are by Board Sustainable Building Technology.

  • tommy

    Is this a surprise to anyone?

    • zizi

      Chinese caring about safety examinations? Yeah I’d call that a surprise…

  • aileen

    Looks like burj khalifa from afar.

  • colin

    I’m no helicopter pilot, but if I were I wouldn’t fancy landing on that helipad. As published, the scheme is hideously diagrammatic and not worked out. Is it a joke?

    • ScooterLibbby

      Same here. It’s obvious the closeness of the walls to the helipad will cause disastrous winds that will make landing a chopper near impossible.

  • Airborne

    The central government in China has recently announced a five year building embargo for oversized and expensive buildings funded by local government bodies. I’m not surprised if they also scrutinise private undertakings to build such megalomanic structures. It seems there is a new vision at work in China. In this case it might have come just in time.

  • Nick Simpson

    On one hand I’m not surprised that this has stalled. At the same time, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they do go on to finish this in record time.

  • Marti

    I never believed it. I worked in China long enough to know how full of s*** many of these clients are.

  • Adam

    “postponed until the project passes relevant safety examinations and gains building permits.”

    Are they saying that they started construction on what would be the world’s largest building without final sign-offs? Worrisome to say the least…

  • Wow, who could have possibly seen THIS coming?

  • Cobalt

    Can someone explain why everyone is so sarcastic about this?

  • Apart from the government approval, it is quite important to ensure the safety measures and the work do not cause harm.

  • George

    Ground breaking is not the same as starting of construction. Here in the west many projects start excavation before a building permit is issued. Everything has its place. So please don’t read too quickly into what is in the news. Broad Sustainable Building Technology is using the media to get its name all over the world media. Get it?

  • So when is this supposed to be completed by? (or at least aimed to be completed?)

  • jd

    Who would want to live on the hundredth floor? You would never go out!