Handle Pendants
by Josie Morris


Product news: Northumbria University graduate Josie Morris has created a range of copper-spun pendant lamps with chunky handles.

Handle Pendants by Josie Morris

Product and furniture designer Josie Morris created the Handle Pendants in two different sizes; one is tall and narrow, and the other has a wide tapered body.

Handle Pendants by Josie Morris

Small handles in either grey Corian or walnut are fixed to the top of the metal shades. "Scale and the common detail of the handle were used to create a family of minimalistic pendants," Morris told Dezeen.

Handle Pendants by Josie Morris

The hanging pendants can be displayed alone or in a cluster and are designed as part of a larger product range by the designer, which includes a coffee table and vase with copper accents.

Handle Pendants by Josie Morris

Morris' Handle Pendant lamp shades were awarded the Foundry Associate prize at this years New Designers showcase and the designer was also shortlisted for the Design Council's Future Pioneers Award. Morris is currently undertaking an internship at product and furniture firm Innermost.

Handle Pendants by Josie Morris

Handle Pendants are currently in production and will be launched in January 2014, in collaboration with UK furniture and product retailer Authentics.

Handle Pendants by Josie Morris

Other lights featured on Dezeen recently include a low-energy pendant lamp by Copenhagen design firm KiBiSi that is shaped like an enlarged classic light bulb, pendant lamps with raised collars that direct light to the ceiling and floor and chandeliers with glowing blobs of glass that dangle from aluminium rods.

Handle Pendants by Josie Morris

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Photography courtesy of Josie Morris.

  • kumu

    Ridiculous. Why would you need a handle for a hanging lamp? And it doesn’t look good either.

  • Craig

    It is almost identical to Paul Crofts’ Nonla lights, which was shown on Dezeen a few days ago too.
    http://twentytwentyone.com/product/nonla-lights http://www.dezeen.com/2013/08/11/cornerstone-cafe

    Same concept, same category, but awarded?

    • Gurns

      Precisely what Craig said.

  • Louisa Pacifico

    I saw these at New Designers. I think they looked fabulous and she’s got a good career in front of her if she keeps producing this quality.

  • Paul

    As a new designer piece it’s a good start, albeit a rehash of a number of other products.

    Needs significant refining though before I think it would be entertained as a production piece, but I can see it hanging in the multitude of industrial style eateries that keep springing up, i.e Jamie Oliver and gang.

  • RTB

    Beautiful work, especially for a graduate project. I saw these at New Designers – the lights, vases and tables were all beautiful. I look forward to seeing where Josie Morris’ career takes her!