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A chequerboard of glass blocks allows light to flood in and out of these creative studios in São Paulo by French-Brazilian architects Triptyque.

Leitão_653 by Triptyque

Slotted into a narrow gap between towers and houses in the central Pinheiros district of the city, the Leitão_653 building by Triptyque is just four metres wide but 25 metres high.

Leitao_653 by Triptyque
Photograph by Leonardo Finotti

Three opacities of glass blocks are dispersed across a grid that covers the top four levels visible above the adjacent buildings to the north-east. "This gigantic panel allows smooth communication between the city and the interior of the building," said the architects.

Leitao_653 by Triptyque
Photograph by Leonardo Finotti

The other long facade is hidden against tall buildings, so is simply dotted with small windows and rendered white. Entry is under a canopy on the same side as the patterned facade, while a cafe and other communal facilities are on the other.

Leitão_653 by Triptyque

The staircase and elevator core sits in the centre of the plan, feeding open-plan studio spaces in the front and back of the concrete structure. Additional staircases link the studios so companies can be self-contained over more than one floor.

Leitão_653 by Triptyque

A veranda is set into the front of the second storey and balconies stick out from the ends of alternate levels above. The covered roof terrace provides extra outdoor space.

Leitão_653 by Triptyque

Not long ago we published a housing development located right by São Paulo's Octávio Frias de Oliveira Bridge. Other designs in the city include a micro apartment with a jumble of wooden boxes for storage and a bookshop with a store-front made of revolving bookcases.

Leitão_653 by Triptyque

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Photography is by Pedro Kok, unless otherwise stated.

Read on for more information from Triptyque:

Leitão_653 is a building located in the heart of Pinheiros, a popular neighbourhood which combines small traditional buildings and new residential towers. Inserted between two lofty towers, a long and narrow plot, the building is four meters wide and 25 metres high.

Leitão_653 by Triptyque
Site plan

The studios occupying the building enjoy a smooth flow between the plates through a central tower. Alternating terraces on the 2nd floor and roof offer living areas and promote exchange and community life.

Leitão_653 by Triptyque
Ground floor plan - click for larger image

"Leitão 653" was conceived as a place of inspiration in permanent connection with the city. This connection is provided by a set of transparencies affirmed by the facade. The building draws a cathedral light, completely revisited, like a latticework.

Leitão_653 by Triptyque
Cross section - click for larger image

The wall, multifaceted indeed plays to absorb light during the day. As for the night, light radiates as a goldsmith working in a casket. In this urban theatre play scenes carved by a fine lace glass, cut and articulated as a Chinese shadow puppet show.

Leitão_653 by Triptyque
Long section - click for larger image

This gigantic panel allows smooth communication between the city and the interior of the building while providing a real solution to the constraints vis-à-vis. These scenes of transparency, a subtle eroticism, revealing another use of the building, visible from the street.

Leitão_653 by Triptyque
North-east elevation - click for larger image

The uniqueness of this project lies in its layout that encourages emulation, the expansion as a business incubator, an urban incubator.

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