Stack Buffet by
Hector Esrawe


Product news: this wooden sideboard by Mexican designer Hector Esrawe is intended to reference the way raw materials are stored in piles.

Stack Buffet by Esrawe Studio

Stack Buffet by Hector Esrawe is a long black-lacquered sideboard that can be built from either walnut or ash.

Stack Buffet by Esrawe Studio

Two drawers are contained at one end, inside what appears to be an irregular stack of wooden panels. The other end is an open space for displaying larger objects.

Two criss-crossing pieces of wood are fixed to the base to provide the feet.

Stack Buffet by Esrawe Studio

Hector Esrawe, who leads Esrawe Studio, previously collaborated with Mexican studio Rojkind Arquitectos to design a Japanese restaurant in Mexico City.

Stack Buffet by Esrawe Studio

Other sideboards we've featured include a television cabinet with perforated doors and a collection of sideboards carved with geometric patterns.

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  • amsam

    Fun illusion. I like how heavy it looks for something that's actually hollow.

  • Stephen

    Beatiful contrast.

  • Bernard Figueroa

    Very interesting balance.

  • It is simple but very elegant. It also saves space considering that it can be used for storing some things in its drawers. This is one thing that any classy houses should have.