"Working during an economic crisis
is quite exciting" - Job Smeets


Movie: in our second video interview with Job Smeets of Studio Job, the artist discusses the recent economic crisis but claims that, unlike many in the "design art" world, his studio's work has not been negatively affected by it. Update: this interview is featured in Dezeen Book of Interviews, which is on sale now for £12.

"Working during an economic crisis is quite exciting" - Job Smeets
Job Smeets, founder of Studio Job

"I sometimes talk with young designers who are starting their careers; I would not like to be in their shoes,"says Smeets, who was speaking at Moooi's Unexpected Welcome exhibition in Milan.

"Having said that, when I started Studio Job, I didn't care a thing about the economy. I was involved in trying to make a statement in design or art."

He continues: "But being in a crisis when you're already ten years old is quite exciting. We had the big advantage of not having to slow down our business. There is still a lot of interest in our pieces."

"Working during an economic crisis is quite exciting" - Job Smeets

Studio Job has been at the forefront of the "design art" world, where limited edition and one-off design pieces are sold to collectors as pieces of art, for over ten years. Smeets says that the marketplace has become much less crowded since the crisis.

"A lot of our colleagues in the art or design business have disappeared," he explains. "They came up very quickly because they saw there was a market and they went away very quickly because they saw there wasn't a market anymore. But Studio Job already had a body of work by then."

"Working during an economic crisis is quite exciting" - Job Smeets

Being a small company with a worldwide reputation helped Studio Job steer through the crisis and take advantage of emerging markets in the east, Smeets claims.

"The market changed because, all of a sudden, the USA wasn't the biggest market anymore. But we are a very small ship; we are lean and mean. A completely new market appeared in the Middle East, in Asian countries and in Russia."

He concludes: "I don't think our work changed [because of the economy], so that's good."

"Working during an economic crisis is quite exciting" - Job Smeets

All the designs featured in the movie are by Studio Job. Photography by R. Kot, D. Stier, L. Blonk, A. Blommers / N. Schumm, A. Meewis, Moooi, Lensvelt.

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  • havint

    Okay, this studio haven’t been affected by the economic crisis just because they’re developing “products” for rich people. I’m sure that now it’s a good moment to buy a Picasso but I think I have not enough money. A pity.

  • Derp

    Yeah, can’t beat the feeling of anticipation that the trapdoor of redundancy might swing open underneath you at any moment.

  • Ddj

    He still owes me a lot of money… that’s why the crisis doesn’t bother him (so far).

    • Mario

      And this is the perfect place to ask him to give it back to you?

  • @chairman6666

    I think we can all mask the truth with plausible statements but the reality is underlying and there to see. This studio creates good work but was obviously affected or this would not be a discussion point.