Pogo connectors
by Jon Patterson


These magnetic headphone jacks by New York designer Jon Patterson split in two when tugged to prevent damaging devices when wires get snagged (+ movie).

Pogo connectors by Jon Patterson

"I always break my headphones from cord snagging and sometimes I break my device completely," Jon Patterson said.

His Pogo connector comprises two parts joined by magnets - one with a jack that fits into the headphone socket on the device, and a second longer piece that accommodates the jack from the headphones.

Pogo connectors by Jon Patterson

The signal is transferred between the two parts via four pins, but once the cord is yanked away they disconnect and the music stops until the sections are reconnected. "The magnet is strong enough to hold the device but will break upon force," says Patterson in the video demonstration.

Pogo connectors by Jon Patterson

It can be use as a straight connection or at a ninety-degree angle, where it can fully rotate.

Jack sections can be left in devices and a receiver piece can be kept on the headphones, so swapping between different equipment is simple.

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  • Anthony

    What about the handful of times that my iphone/ipods have been saved from certain doom due to the lifeline that my headphones provide? The magnets on this connector do not seem strong enough for an active lifestyle.

    • Munchman

      Agreed. There’s a reason this system that splits chord and device has so far only been used with larger devices such as MacBook chargers, or even the original Xbox controller and not handheld devices.

  • michael

    WOWWWWW! Nice! Where can I buy 10?

  • generalpopulation

    Take my money, now!

  • kjxy

    Nice idea but how strong are the magnets? Can it withstand me running with my iPod?

  • ET

    Seems like kind of an either-or proposition; if you’re worried about dropping it, get a wrist strap, and if you’re worried about the cord snagging, get a detachable cord. Luckily nobody is going to force you to use this.

    Combining the two would be kind of useless, but for people who don’t drop their devices (but do pass daily through turnstiles) this could prove helpful.

  • Chris Kelly

    Great idea, might create problems as well as solving them. Great Christmas present.