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Finger-nose Stylus by Dominic Wilcox

Finger-nose Stylus by Dominic Wilcox

London designer Dominic Wilcox created this stylus that straps over his nose for using his touch-screen phone in the bath.

Finger-nose Stylus by Dominic Wilcox

Called Finger-nose Stylus, the device is made from a handheld stylus embedded in fibrous plaster.

Finger-nose Stylus by Dominic Wilcox

It allows the user to securely hold the phone with one hand and operate it with their nose.

Finger-nose Stylus by Dominic Wilcox

Here are some more details from Dominic Wilcox:

I sometimes use my touchphone in the bath. I know it’s stupid. One problem I encounter is that when put my left hand in the water without thinking, it gets wet and unusable for touchscreen navigation. It is too risky to try to hold and navigate with one hand. I found that I could use my nose to scroll but I couldn’t see where my nose was touching precisely. It was at that point that I came up with this idea of a nose extension ‘finger’ that would allow navigation while my phone is firmly held by one hand.

I did send a tweet from the bath last night which was typed as ‘Hello I am tweeting with my nose’ unfortunately due to the phone’s
auto-correct it sent it as… 'Hello I am meeting with my nose'.

I lost 2 followers.

Finger-nose Stylus by Dominic Wilcox

It’s also handy when out and about multi-tasking. I imagine it would be a great accessory for iPad users.

I bought a handheld stylus that I embedded in the plaster nose. The plaster comes mixed with fibres that make it look hairy.

Although this is handy for me in the bath it touches on possible uses for people without use of a hand. Though the design could be made more ‘subtle’ for everyday use maybe coming from around the neck.

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