Tokyo 2020 Olympics to centre
around Zaha Hadid's stadium

Tokyo 2020 Olympics to centre around Zaha Hadid stadium

News: the forthcoming National Stadium of Japan by Zaha Hadid Architects is now set to become the main sporting venue for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games, following the news that Tokyo will be the host city.

The new 80,000-seat stadium will host the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2020 games, as well as athletics, football and rugby events.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics to centre around Zaha Hadid stadium

"The stadium will become an integral part of Tokyo's urban fabric, directly engaging with the surrounding cityscape to connect and carve the elegant forms of the design," said Zaha Hadid, after winning a competition to design the stadium in November.

"Our three decades of research into Japanese architecture and urbanism is evident in our winning design and we greatly look forward to building the new National Stadium," she added.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics to centre around Zaha Hadid stadium

Set to replace the existing Kasumigaoka National Stadium, the new building will join Kenzo Tange's iconic 1964 Olympic stadium in Yoyogi Park, which will function as a handball arena this time around. Zaha Hadid Architects will also work on this building, renovating the structure and adding a retractable roof.

Two other venues from the 1964 games - the Nippon Budokan and the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium - will also be reused, offering venues for judo and table tennis.

Additional arenas will be constructed in downtown Tokyo in an effort to save energy and reduce the need for transport investment, while the Olympic village is proposed on Tokyo's harbour and will be converted into housing after the games are over.

Tokyo was named as the host city for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games over the weekend and will follow on from Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Find out more about Rio 2016 »

Zaha Hadid Architects previously designed the Aquatics Centre for the London Olympics in 2012, which recently had its two temporary wing-like seating stands removed. See more architecture by Zaha Hadid  »

  • Akeel

    Wait.. they’re coming – haters :)

  • HAHA

    The only good thing is that zaHAHA reached her highest profit, therefore it’s way down from now on.
    Honestly, this is industrial design scale!

  • Steeevyo

    Deal with it haters. ;-)

    • James Godin

      A hater is nothing more than a person with a conscious who sees the bigger picture.

  • ScottW315

    Happy to see Tokyo get the Olympics, but I really wish they would’ve picked any of the other designs for a national stadium. Zaha Hadid is no longer an architect, but a brand. And like a bad high end brand, her work is very expensive, looks the same, has no contextual or bespoke design elements, and is a child of all of the worst qualities of capitalism.

    Hopefully like all brands, Zaha will fall out of style, and cities will stop shelling out money to the vogue ‘starchitects’ in order to prove that they are a successful, sophisticated, and world-class city.

  • Ashley

    OMG! I love you Zaha! This architecture is absolutely stunning and congratulations to Japan for winning the 2020 Olympic bid!

  • Laura

    It’s a horrible building, completely disproportionate as usual with Zaha’s proposals…

  • bomber

    Always the same.

  • T,.T

    Drink up Tokyo, haha Hadid gives you wings (like seating stands).

  • fawnster

    I’d take this over the proposed Minnesota Vikings stadium…

  • adam

    Looks distinctively like the 2012 Aquatics Centre. Maybe one day she will do something different.

  • iCanada


  • pacman

    Zaha + Calatrava = Zahatrava?

  • dan

    Oh great, a giant cycling helmet. But somehow made even worse. Couldn’t agree more with Scott and Laura, and in Japan of all places – arguably one of the best nations for design, it’s very sad.

  • tk

    This one actually looks like Calatrava.

  • al

    This is one of the ugliest building ever seen.

  • Eidolon

    Looks like Hadid is morphing into Calatrava.

  • Floong

    And to think I used to be a fan…

  • Peanut

    Terrible news for the city Tokio. Out of context and scale, repetitive. Sad

  • Elaine Yeung

    Looks like a squashed and stretched bike helmet.

  • han

    At least it looks better that the London 2012 stadium, which to me just looks like any other boring stadiums.

    • webmoods

      To think there was not an array of top Japanese architects to work on this. The spirit of the Olympics is also to bring the element of the country into the games.

  • Justin

    It’s beautiful, but honestly it is really looks like a bike helmet. In fact, those bike helmets all looks a bit ZAHA style…

  • djnn24

    If Zaha was designing the world’s biggest cycling helmet, she’s done a good job.

    • Defiant

      Ewww. NOW I don’t like it as much.

  • Sivad bop

    Yay! The world doesn’t yet have enough vaginal robo-squids! At least if this thing gets built, the students at Penn will have some proof that what they work on in school exists in the outside world.

  • idplano

    Zeitgeist. Garbage for garbage-consuming society.

  • James Godin

    I wonder how many stray animals and homeless people will have to die to accomplish this feat?

  • abinico

    Haters? What do you mean? People hate Fukushima radiation – are they really haters?

  • TommyTCG

    Large space ships are egg shaped. See The Pleiadian Mission by Randoph Winters of the Big Spacer, 10 miles long 15 miles high, permanent crew and staff… 130,000.

  • Defiant

    Stadium looks AWESOME! Too bad the whole Olympics will be radioactive. Maybe they’ll inadvertently create a new super hero or two.

  • Defiant

    Let me guess, you’re an architect who ISN’T asked to design Olympic stadiums?

  • JC Archtiect

    The design already looks dated…

  • jkbox

    Love to come for sure… Tokyo 2020! Awesome!