Louche glassware
by Mathias Hahn


London Design Festival 2013: London product designer and co-founder of OKAYstudio Mathias Hahn has designed a range of opaline glassware.

Louche glassware by Mathias Hahn

Mathias Hahn's new Louche glassware collection features an opaque white water bottle with a grey stopper, a tall mint-green glass beaker and a small transparent beaker with a green lid.

Hahn said that this experimental glassware range aimed to expose opaline or opaque glass qualities to a younger and contemporary audience.

Louche glassware by Mathias Hahn

The glassware has different grades of opacity that are created by hand-blowing opaline glass into changing wall thicknesses. "By using a subtle set of monochrome colours, the often very decorative use of opaque glass is transferred into refined and plain objects," explained Hahn.

"The louche [name] describes a very similar visual condition, when spirits such as absinthe or pastis turn from clear to cloudy when adding water," Hahn said.

Louche glassware by Mathias Hahn

Mathias Hahn started his own design studio in 2006 and is one of the founding members of design collective OKAYstudio. The Louche glassware will be on display until 22 September as part of OKAYstudio's Loose Thread exhibition at Ben Sherman’s Modular Blanc exhibition space in London at 108 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LZ.

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Louche glassware by Mathias Hahn

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Photographs are courtesy of the designer.

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