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Me mirrors by Mathias Hahn for Asplund

Product news: these mirrors by London designer Mathias Hahn can be swivelled up and down with wooden handles sticking out the sides.

Me mirrors by Mathias Hahn

Mathias Hahn combined a classic hand mirror with a slim stand to create the Me mirror, which comes as a tall, freestanding design or a small tabletop version.

Me mirrors by Mathias Hahn

They're available in a range of colours and are now in production with Swedish homeware brand Asplund.

Me mirrors by Mathias Hahn

We previously featured Hahn's collection of coloured glass vessels inspired by making jam and a pendant lamp that clamps to its own flex, plus he discussed five examples of his work in a movie we filmed in Cologne in 2011 – see all designs by Mathias Hahn.

Me mirrors by Mathias Hahn

We also recently published a matte steel sink with a polished patch that acts as a looking glass and a mirror and vanity box that hang off a leather strap – see all mirrors.

Here's some more information from the designer:

Me mirror

A classic hand mirror held by a wooden handle. Being attached to a stand the mirror can be rotated and adjusted by both the axis of the handle and the vertical section of the stand. A plain and diverse to use mirror, reminiscent of historic mirror stands, that is located in bath rooms, dressing rooms or hallways, giving this product a rather independent and furniture related feel than a wall mounted vanity mirror.

The Me mirror family consists of two different sizes: one tall, floorstanding version and a smaller one for tables or sideboards. The mirrors are now in production with Swedish manufacturer ASPLUND and are available in a variety of colours.

Thinking of the typology of mirrors, the usual concept is either a wall hung piece or a hand held mirror sitting in a drawer. The idea for the 'ME' mirrors is, to turn the tool of the mirror itself into a product which is able to move into different areas of a domestic environment. Rather being treated as a a piece of occasional furniture than a product which is linked to singular location.