Stuart Weitzman shoe boutique
by Zaha Hadid


Here are some more images of Zaha Hadid's Milanese shoe boutique for American footwear designer Stuart Weitzman.

Stuart Weitzman shoe boutique by Zaha Hadid

The first of Zaha Hadid's chain of shoe boutiques for Stuart Weitzman opened in Milan last month - find out more in our earlier story.

These images show shoes presented on sinuous display stands with metallic edges, while wall-mounted shelves curve out from vertical surfaces surrounded by more flowing forms.

Stuart Weitzman shoe boutique by Zaha Hadid

Large lights recessed into the ceiling illuminate the space, while accessories on plinths and shelves are highlighted with additional lighting.

Hadid explained that stores in New York, Hong Kong and Rome planned for 2014 will each have their own identity but follow a similar style.

Stuart Weitzman shoe boutique by Zaha Hadid

The London architect has previously created boutiques for Milan-based fashion designer Neil Barrett. She's also designed a number of shoes herself, including pairs for brands Lacoste, United Nude and Melissa.

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  • Chris MacDonald

    Is it just me, or is this ZHA style starting to get a bit… Dated? Annoying? Same-y?

    It’s not that it isn’t pleasant, and is certainly more interesting than a lot of the off the peg, banal stuff out there, but even so it just seems to me that as a style it isn’t really doing anything different any more.

    Perhaps I’m just in a bad mood.

    • zahahahaha

      Exactly! + it looks like this portal is in certain deal with that studio since it is publishing each week one of their ‘projects’!

      ZHA is ‘mannerism’ totally! Not to mention that is an industrial design in larger scale – not an architecture !

      It will go down soooo fast…wait and see.

  • set

    Needs more shoes!