Tricom table by Shigeichiro Takeuchi


Product news: this glass table by Japanese designer Shigeichiro Takeuchi balances on legs formed from a single steel pipe.

Tricom by Shigeichiro Takeuchi for COMMOC

Shigeichiro Takeuchi's Tricom table is part of the 2013 collection for furniture and product brand COMMOC.

Tricom by Shigeichiro Takeuchi for COMMOC

The coffee table comprises a clear circular glass top and a single powder-coated steel pipe, which is bent where it meets the glass top or the floor to create three props from a continuous element.

Tricom by Shigeichiro Takeuchi for COMMOC

The table is named after TRI for its three supports and COM for the first three letters of its manufacturer. The base is available in black, green or white.

Other glass tables featured on Dezeen include one with three circular tops and tessellating tables made with coloured panes.

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  • jansma

    Very nice.

  • Steeevyo

    Isamu Noguchi is looking at you… angrily.

  • Alec

    Minimal and elegant!

  • Cindy

    Beautiful. This represents the meaning of being simple. Great work.

  • pipo

    Reminded me of Noguchi too. But I would consider it a tribute, maybe.

    • BRiAN

      Or a blatant, less interesting copy, maybe.