The (RED) Desk by Jonathan Ive
and Marc Newson


The latest in a string of products designed by Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson for the (RED) charity auction is this one-off aluminium desk.

The (RED) Desk by Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson

Australian designer Marc Newson and Apple's Jonathan Ive covered the surface of the thin desk with a pattern of 185 interlocking cells.

The blade-like legs and top were machined from solid pieces of aluminium by Californian company Neal Feay Studio. The unique piece is inscribed: "Designed by Jony Ive & Marc Newson for (RED) 2013 edition 01/01".

The (RED) Desk by Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson

Yesterday we published a Leica camera designed by the pair, which joins a range of other objects to be auctioned for Bono's (RED) charity including a pair of solid rose gold Apple EarPods.

The auction will take place at Sotheby's auction house in New York on 23 November and the proceeds will go towards helping to fight malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS.

The (RED) Desk by Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson

We recently featured a bed by Marc Newson that's surrounded by squishy bumpers.

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  • Mr Bored

    We had enough of Ive, Newson, Arad and Hadid… Why are you not showing more young designers? It’s just the big names and commercial content. I am bored.

    • Chen

      Couldn’t agree more! Getting disappointed with Dezeen.

  • beatrice

    Kind of an average object from two amazing designers…

  • Harri Prytherch

    Is anyone else tired of this self indulgent crap? I’m sure Ive and Newson could do lot more good, instead they’re massaging their own egos. An ugly passion project at best.

  • earth to matilda

    Totally disagree with the comments, guys this is a one off “arty” product for charity auction!! Get a life, what were you expecting? Beauty is subjective, to me this looks stunning, and what’s wrong with some mainstream/star designer articles on a design news website?

    • Kife

      It’s ok to have star designer articles on a design news website, but it’s really too much on here.

    • Harri Prytherch

      What I was trying to get is that Ive has made millions off the back of the Chinese labourers and now he’s making one-offs for charity. I kind of question the ethics of such a designer. Also, it appears that this charity stunt benefits Ive and Newson – a nice little glory piece. If you like the table then fair enough, I’m not arguing wether it’s beautiful or not. But, I do think that designers in such powerful positions need to be challenged.

    • earth to matilda

      I find much wrong with your comment Harri. First off these “Red” auctions are always about famous designers, who have probably made money from cheap labour as well. Plus Ive might have made millions but he was hired to do that job (by the man actually responsible for the choice of supplier, Jobs).

      And finally please drop that “Mother Theresa” attitude. Wouldn’t you have done the same in his case or would you have quit Apple for your beliefs? Come on, it’s hardly Smith & Wesson or Lockheed Martin.

      • Harri Prytherch

        Ha ha I’m not sure you understand. I’m just going to leave it there, you seem set in your ways.

        • earth to matilda

          Whatever floats your boat. Not sure what’s to “understand”. We’re not talking about a riddle are we?

  • goodgoodgood

    The proceeds should go to iOS7 users who were drastically affected by Mr. Ive’s lack of experience and sensibility while messing (oops, designing) up what used to be something perfect.

  • New British Design

    It’s an iPod.