Tree House by
6a Architects


London studio 6a Architects has extended the home of architecture critic Rowan Moore and his family by adding a timber structure that curves around a tree (+ slideshow).

Tree House by 6a Architects

The extension was designed by 6a Architects to provide a new ground-floor bedroom and bathroom for the London house, which is an amalgamation of two cottages constructed in the 1830s.

Tree House by 6a Architects

A ramped corridor runs parallel to the existing house, negotiating a gentle change in level and allowing access for the mother of the family, who uses a wheelchair.

Tree House by 6a Architects

This corridor connects the house's living room with the new bedroom suite, which extends out into the garden.

Tree House by 6a Architects

The exterior of the structure is clad with reclaimed timber, while white-painted timber panels line the interior walls.

Tree House by 6a Architects

Glazed doors open the space out to a curving timber deck that surrounds the sumac tree and steps down to the garden.

Tree House by 6a Architects

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Tree House by 6a Architects

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Tree House by 6a Architects
Axonometric diagram - click for larger image

Photography is by Johan Dehlin.

Here's a project description from 6a Architects:

The Tree House is a timber framed and reclaimed timber clad construction on reversible timber foundations.

Tree House by 6a Architects
Site plan - click for larger image

It sits within the luxuriantly overgrown garden of two tiny knocked together 1830's weavers cottages shaping itself around the central sumac tree.

Tree House by 6a Architects
Floor plan - click for larger image

Its ramped interior absorbs the ½ storey difference between the cottages and its new master bedroom and wetroom nestled under the eucalyptus tree.

Tree House by 6a Architects
Cross section detail - click for larger image

The family home has been re-orientated so that the mother of a busy family remains central to all the activity whether resting in the garden, eating with her children or entertaining as she becomes more reliant on her wheelchair.

Tree House by 6a Architects
Long section- click for larger image

Architect: 6a architects
Structural Engineer: Price & Myers.
Contractor: John Perkins Projects Ltd
Building Control: MLM
Lighting: Izé (Veranda lights)
Exterior Cladding Ashwell Recycled Timber Products
Blinds Ace Contracts (London) Ltd
Garden design Dan Pearson Studio / Mark Cummings Garden Designs

Tree House by 6a Architects
Elevation - click for larger image
  • DesignAdam

    Masterful extension! Way to bring joy to a site.

  • Nature Lover

    WOW … I LOVE IT!!

  • Chris MacDonald

    Love it. I’d also love to see a detailed section on how that roof works/drains.

  • vertigo66

    Gorgeous – that’s the way to do an extension. I love the way it makes gently deferential gestures – to the tree, to the neighbouring garden and to the particular needs of its inhabitants. It enhances rather than dominates its surroundings. Nice work.

  • gIDgy york

    The materials and form give a sense of serenity. Kitty in the hallway is like, “it’s cool”.

  • kh1

    This is really beautiful!