Pracownia by
Karina Wiciak


Giant paintbrushes hold up the splattered ceiling of this conceptual restaurant by Polish designer Karina Wiciak (+ slideshow).

Pracownia by Karina Wiciak

Wiciak, of design studio Wamhouse, created the fantasy interior as the tenth of 12 bars and restaurants that each have a different theme.

Pracownia by Karina Wiciak

Titled Pracownia, meaning workshop in Polish, this design is modelled on a painter's studio and includes surfaces and furniture decorated with paint splashes.

Pracownia by Karina Wiciak

The structural columns look like oversized paintbrushes, plus glass table tops and pendant lights are shaped like palettes.

Pracownia by Karina Wiciak

Table bases, lamps and seats are formed from buckets, with lounge chairs created from large upturned pales and bar stools made from smaller ones. A bucket is also used as the bowl of a toilet.

Pracownia by Karina Wiciak

Wiciak's earlier designs in this series include an interior with surfaces that appear to be stitched together with thick black thread and another inspired by a slaughterhouse.

Here's some extra information from the designer:

Pracownia is the tenth project of the collection XII, designed entirely by Karina Wiciak

The restaurant is called "Pracownia" (which in Polish means "workshop"), because it was designed as a light pastiche of a painter's studio. The most characteristic features of the interior are colourful blobs, because almost the entire interior of the "Papiernia" has been splashed with paint, from floor through furniture to the ceiling. It was not designed to be youth interior in the pop-art style, but to be modern, elegant restaurant. That is why, beyond the blots, the white and silver metal finish dominates.

Pracownia by Karina Wiciak

To the topic of painting studio, some other design elements have been matched. Structural columns resemble enlarged paint brushes. Glass, pendant lamps and table tops have a shape of palette.

A bucket (of course a paint bucket) is present both in the design of tables, chairs and pendant lamps. Brush ends (sticking out of a bucket placed in the table) are used instead of the usual candles or table lamps.

Pracownia by Karina Wiciak

Since the whole interior is designed like a painter's studio, also the toilets cannot deviate from the topic. Therefore, the design of compact toilet bowl and sink also uses a form of bucket, and the counter top and mirror are mounted on a large easel.

  • drprdwho

    The white doesn’t work at all, IMHO. Wood tones with aged, varied brushes for a more classical painterly vibe tying it all up nicely would have been so great instead.

  • gordon

    Back to the future, but not in a good way.

  • 1234

    It’s like being trapped in one of Claes Oldenburg’s nightmares.

  • Maxwell_Smarty

    This reminds me of grade school photos.

  • Dario

    Horrible! It looks dirty.

  • Pick a name

    It’s a funny design for an article. That’s all, but it’s not a bad thing.

  • Jenifer

    The good news is that it’s just 3D.

  • What a mess.

  • Leiurus

    I hope the splatter of red paint around the toilet is not in the female washrooms.

  • lado shonia


  • Ieva Nagle

    I think as an idea it is an interesting concept – to create interiors in 3D to show creativity. What I have an issue with, though, is that taking things almost literally and applying a similar structure within the same interior, though called a particular signature of the author, can become dull.