Ostrich Pillow Light by


Product news: design studio Kawamura-Ganjavian has introduced a compact version of the Ostrich Pillow that only wraps around the eyes and ears.

Ostrich PiOstrich Pillow Light by Studio Bananallow Light by Studio Banana

Designed for napping on the go, the Ostrich Pillow Light by Kawamura-Ganjavian is a smaller edition of the original pillow, which covers the entire head.

Ostrich Pillow Light by Studio Banana

Filled with silicon-coated micro-beads to remove background noise, the wearer can slip the pillow over their eyes and ears to sleep.

Ostrich Pillow Light by Studio Banana

The pillow can be adjusted to fit any head size by tightening or loosening the elastic cords that surround it.

Ostrich Pillow Light by Studio Banana

When not in use, the pillow can be worn around the neck as a chunky ribbed snood. It comes in grey with a red or blue lining.

Ostrich Pillow Light by Studio Banana

The original Ostrich Pillow was launched as a crowd-funded project a year ago. The designers have also created the Ostrich Pillow Junior for children aged six and over.

  • Grumpy

    Another implementation of a fairly useless concept – air travel perhaps? How about neck sweat and dirty surfaces – can it be washed, does it dry quick ? Great way to attract attention too – is it safe to use in the tube?

  • generalpopulation

    Soon to be on the heads of every hipster in Shoreditch.

  • Design by Adrian

    At least you can breathe in this one.

  • amsam

    I don’t know about its use as an eye mask / pillow, but I have always wanted a CHUNKY RIBBED SNOOD.

  • bummed

    Perfect, more ways to bring people’s home lives into the public domain. Can’t wait to see a world of people wearing bibs so they can eat on the train and spill sh*t without getting food on their pyjama pants. Have some respect for the people around you and sleep at home! This is a product that only deteriorates our social fabric, and paves a way for an even lazier, slobbier mindless way of life.

  • Jamie Van-Bellen

    A great way to get robbed on the underground while not knowing when to get off :)

  • traveler

    As a person who travels often in bus for at least 5 hours single trip, I found this is a useful design. But I agree may be not using it for short distance.

  • Paul

    £28? What a joke!