Walking Shelter shoes by Sibling
transform into a tent


These shoes by Australian design studio Sibling allow the wearer to instantly erect a temporary shelter by unfurling a tent from round their ankles and pulling it over their head.

Walking Shelter tent stored in shoes by Sibling

The Walking Shelter by Sibling untucks from net pockets around the back of a pair trainers.

Walking Shelter tent stored in shoes by Sibling

Bright pink and purple waterproof sheets can be released from each shoe then attached together with Velcro.

Walking Shelter tent stored in shoes by Sibling

The tent is then put over the head and worn like a hooded poncho, with arms stuck out through holes in the sides.

Walking Shelter tent stored in shoes by Sibling

When sitting down, the body forms the supporting structure inside instead of poles or guy ropes, though feet and hands remain exposed.

Walking Shelter tent stored in shoes by Sibling

Loops around the bottom edge can be used to peg the material to the ground to stop it flapping around.

Walking Shelter tent stored in shoes by Sibling

A flap in the front with a mosquito net layer can be zipped up to protect the body from the elements and insects or left open to reveal who is inside and let them see out.

Walking Shelter tent stored in shoes by Sibling

"The shelter accommodates for the body in a variety of ways and can be customised by the user to adapt to a variety of contexts and environments," said the designers.

Walking Shelter tent stored in shoes by Sibling

After it stops raining, the shelter can be scrunched up back into the pockets and user can continue their walk.

Walking Shelter tent stored in shoes by Sibling

The project was developed as a prototype and auctioned off to raise money for Australian children's charity Little Seeds Big Trees. Photos are by tin&ed.

  • Sammy

    Is this seriously the sort of work you have to do to become worthy of promotion on Dezeen?!

  • Rui Pedro


  • Trent

    Ha!! Is it April 1st or something?

  • doug

    It looks like parachuting gone wrong.

  • CadBaboon

    Shoes, check. Tent, check. Tent poles, D’oh.

    • Andy C

      Ground sheet? Double D’oh!

  • Lorcan Heve

    Why would anyone wants to walk around with such bulky shoes beggars belief. One might as well get a normal shoes so they can run faster to the nearest shelter!

  • stef

    Dezeen. are you being serious?!

  • Rae Claire

    I think the model’s expression in the last photo pretty much answers all questions.

  • Big Kid

    Wow commenters, lighten up! It’s an experimental design project for a children’s charity about creative expression… And If I was a kid and could pull tents out of my shoes, I’d be a pretty happy kid.

  • P

    It’s pretty cool to pull out that thing out of your shoes but it’s gonna be embarrassing to try to squeeze them back in there -_-

  • Emma

    Interesting work, they are certainly taking the idea of mobile habitats to the next level!

  • ZEE

    Actual purpose (nasty) is hidden.

  • Priya Prabhakar

    Why is this constantly featured on every design website? It’s a terrible piece of design that solves no problem.

  • Barry Mela

    Ingenious! This is so great, I want a pair! They look so cool even as shoes, better yet if it starts raining!

  • Phoebe

    These are SO COOL! Where can I buy?

  • Eric

    Rather lovely and playful.

  • bonsaiman

    Commentators on Dezeen are really serious people that do not have time for a funny concept or a laugh. Poor designers, trapped in their corporate executives wannabe’s seriousness.

  • viking80

    Completely useless but hats off for producing it and believing in your ideas. Never get discouraged – you might come with something great, not this time though.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Where do you get the notion that it’s experimental?

    • Sally

      The project was developed as a one off prototype and auctioned off to raise money for Australian children’s charity Little Seeds Big Trees.

    • Big Kid

      The project mentions that this product is a prototype. For me, I gathered that because this was a one off and perhaps not the final version that it was still in a state of being an experiment rather than a fully fledged refined project that was going into some sort of mass production for a broader market.

      • Concerned Citizen

        Prototypes, not for me, but by definition, are articles designed for production.

        • Big Kid

          Where did you get the idea that I asked for a definition?

          • Concerned Citizen

            Well, you are confused about what a prototype is and I offer up the definition for your edification. You don’t need to thank me.

        • james

          No. They test ideas. You’re tired. It’s OK…

          • Concerned Citizen

            pro·to·type [proh-tuh-tahyp] Show IPA noun, verb, pro·to·typed, pro·to·typ·ing.
            the original or model on which something is based or formed.

  • Concerned Citizen

    A shelter from what? Thirty percent of the body is left exposed. There is no shelter from the wet and dirty ground. Why was this presented in this unfinished state?

  • Concerned Citizen

    So, where do you get the idea that it’s experimental?

    • Sally

      The definition of experimental:
      To conduct an experiment.
      2. To try something new, especially in order to gain experience or test an idea

  • Heidi

    This would maybe be useful if I were competing in the Hunger Games…

  • Concerned Citizen

    Where did you get the idea that I asked for a definition? Or are you deliberately dense? Or are you obfuscating the fact that you don’t know the answer?

    • Sally

      Wow, you really need to get out more obviously. I feel sorry for people who are that sad and lonely that they feel the need to get so angry commenting on design blogs :)

      Also hilarious that you are talking about nothing of any substance, just asking questions that you offer no answers to yourself, maybe you should take a break from blogs for a while. I am a Concerned Citizen for you ;)

      • Concerned Citizen

        Thanks for proving my point about not knowing the answer.