FIVE Olive Oil bottles and packaging
by World Excellent Products


FIVE Olive Oil by World Excellent Products

This Greek olive oil comes in simple circular bottles and stripped-back packaging.

FIVE Olive Oil by World Excellent Products

The FIVE Olive Oil is bottled and distributed by Greek brand World Excellent Products in bottles that are different for each oil variety.

FIVE Olive Oil by World Excellent Products

Clear bottles are for extra virgin olive oil, matte black is used for organic extra virgin and matte white vessels contain ultra premium extra virgin.

FIVE Olive Oil by World Excellent Products

The product is also available in five-litre tin containers, which have rounded corners and bear the same minimal aesthetic as the bottles.

FIVE Olive Oil by World Excellent Products

The brand's co-founder and marketing director Dimitrios Panagiotidis has also created a limited-edition design with an image of ancient Greek athletes printed in black on the matte white bottle.

FIVE Olive Oil by World Excellent Products

"We have the ambition of creating one of the finest premium olive oil brands in the world, with sensational packaging layout and excellent product quality," said the company.

FIVE Olive Oil by World Excellent Products

The branding features simple typography and a minimal logo by Greek company Designers United, which won a Red Dot Award for the visual identity last year.

  • Bradley B.

    Now that is some lovely branding, simple and precise. I enjoy the potential for a series on ancient amphora to be created! Bravo Bravo.

  • james

    As someone who cooks, it’s hard to get behind bottles that aren’t at least somewhat translucent or transparent. How much olive oil do I have left? 1/4 cup? 1/2 cup?

    • Nathan Adams

      You go by weight?

      • james

        Not without emptying the bottle, unless you know how much the bottle weighs and how much 1/2 C of olive oil weighs.

    • Dimitris

      Well that doesn’t apply to olive oil. i understand the need for a transparent bottle, showing how much oil you have left, but light, heat and exposure to oxygen are major impacts on oxidation processes for natural oils, therefore a translucent or transparent package would compromise the product’s quality in a short amount of time from shelf to pan or salad.

  • Mark Coulthard

    I quite like the branding but these bottles look like they’d be a nightmare ergonomically, both to hold and pour.

  • Richard De Pesando

    Lovely to look at, but not designed for any practical use. They are created for people who buy things to put on shelves, which is about 30% of the consumer body. There is nothing wrong with that and we should celebrate that grey area between design, craft and commerce – as long as we keep a perspective and don’t pretend it’s anything else.

    The publicity shots that seem to suggest your bottle keeps falling over and spilling oil kind of gives gives out the wrong message. Of course, I would never just buy something because of the way it looks… Honest. *Cough*