Tiny Madrid apartment by MYCC with
rooms connected by a ladder


100m3 by MYCC

The owner of this Madrid apartment moves between living and working spaces like a character in a computer game, using ladders and stairs that connect platforms inserted in a single tall, narrow space.

100m3 by MYCC

"[It] leads to an image that looks like those old computer platform games," said Spanish architects MYCC, who created the live-work space in a 100 cubic-metre volume.

100m3 by MYCC

The architects described the volume as "an empty box waiting to be filled," adding: "The idea of light and simple floors where it could be possible to easily jump from one to another was always in mind from the very first sketches."

100m3 by MYCC

A mixture of ladders and staircases connect each of the platforms in the space, which is just 20 square metres in plan.

"Size, both horizontal and vertical, of every part gives a non-lineal path," added the architects. "So, moving from one room to another is a kind of small physical effort."

100m3 by MYCC

The entrance lobby steps up to the kitchen, then more stairs lead down to a living area on the opposite side.

A steel ladder mounted onto the side wall can be climbed to access a mezzanine study, while a sleeping area is tucked underneath.

100m3 by MYCC

A final set of stairs leads down from the living room into a bathroom located beneath the kitchen.

100m3 by MYCC

Walls, floors and ceilings are all finished in white, so the only splashes of colour come from items of furniture and framed artworks.

100m3 by MYCC

Photography is by Elena Almagro.

Here's a project description from MYCC:

100m3 apartment

This singular urban shelter is just twenty square metres and nevertheless is one hundred cubic metres of volume. In such an enclosed space should a single person live and work. He will use his creativity and dynamism to make it his own sweet home.

A longitudinal section defines the project. The space highness has been used to accommodate several pieces, which are limited in volume but at the same time all are visually connected to each other. Even the bathroom is within sight.

100m3 by MYCC
3D diagram of apartment - click for larger image

The necessity to hold the programmed uses, each of them with specific characteristics and size, leads to an image which looks like those old computers platform games. The idea of light and simple floors where could be possible even easily jump from one to another was always in mind from the very first sketches.

Size, both horizontal and vertical, of every piece gives as a result a non lineal path. So, moving from one room to another is a kind of small physical effort.

Going up to the kitchen or getting down to the bedroom offers a stressed change and different sensation of the space, both any different unit and the apartment as a whole.

Section of 100m3 by MYCC
Section - click for larger image

The apartment, even with its small size, wants to offer generous spaces and a big quantity of different pieces of use. The pieces that make it up, does not really have a fixed clearly defined use: the kitchen is a walk-through room to get the living. There are stands rather than stairs to go down the living, which is over a cellar-storage room. Then, it is possible to get the ladder to go up to the indoor sunny terrace, a place to be used as a study or a chill out. Also the central living room connects through four steps to the bathroom. This is an oversized kind of luxury room that holds even an in-situ cosy kind of hamman bath.

Construction and finishing are made in a direct and unadorned way and all is full of bright white.

Architects: MYCC (Carmina Casajuana, Beatriz G. Casares, Marcos Gonzalez)
Location: Madrid, Spain
Area: 21m2
Volume: 100m3
Date: 2012

  • klops

    Handrails are soo yesterday.

    • lullylux

      It is a bit like saying stairs are so yesterday…Personally, I salute complex shapes in such a tiny space. I found this unheard of.

  • dalai guevara

    No door to the loo? Jeez Louise.

    • Must be funny to have guests over

      • dalai guevara

        Building control?

  • Concerned Citizen

    Not so much a place to live as a place to hide out for a short while.

  • artificial

    Is this even code compliant? This “space” will eventually rent for much higher rates than average while there’s no goverment control to regulate. This is wrong.

  • Leo

    I find it ingenuous. However, the lack of windows is claustrophobic. A door to the loo would be a good idea.

  • Guz

    This house isn’t very wheelchair friendly.

    • Alix

      Neither broken foot friendly…

  • jeunela

    Looks interesting, yet I would have felt claustrophobic at the same time. It’s beautiful as a illustration or a concept but especially the place of the bed is so claustrophobic.

  • Nancy

    I can’t say that the apartment is so tiny here. There are flats that have only one room that shows us the first picture (a kitchen and a bathroom of course I say so, as usually people don’t count this rooms as they are not used for living). And this flat is only for young generation who can go up and down the stairs every day not for old who can’t do it as they will be exhausted at the end of the day. But the idea is great; the architects are very talented, as their project is really pretty.

    It’s the second time today I’ve seen the white colour that is everywhere, in each room and that makes the flat look spacious and light. If I lived there I would add more green flowers to make the atmosphere vivid. And of course pillows and colourful curtains that make the room welcoming.

    By the way this flat is in Madrid! I’m in love with this city! Every year together we go there on vacation for a week or two. Just remember the Academia de Bellas Artes houses, a magnificent collection of paintings from the 15th century to the present day; the Museo del Prado being internationally recognised as one of the world’s premier galleries; the Plaza Mayor, a spectacular Castilian square which dates
    back to the 16th century and many others sightseeing that worth to be visited.

    By the way, when I travel I always look for an apartment to rent (I don’t like hotels and hostels). Usually I use this website http://localmartuk.com when I find what I want, call the owner and talk everything over. Maybe you know some others that can be also useful? Any advice is appreciated!

  • Kunis

    I wouldn’t have gone for a wheely office chair!

    • Scry

      It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who is convinced they would probably end up breaking their neck by using that wheely office chair! ;)

  • Very nice apartment, small but full of style.

  • Freddy Garcia

    Too bad, I cannot have my grand ma as a guest, not even my infant nephews.

  • Cam

    Being able to live well in such a tiny space is a truly liberating thing :)