Zaha Hadid creates latticed gold
jewellery for Caspita


Architect Zaha Hadid has created a set of rings from lattices of gold filigree for Swiss jewellery brand Caspita.

Zaha Hadid for Caspita

Zaha Hadid's first collection of gold jewellery, designed for Caspita, was unveiled yesterday at the architect's London Gallery.

Zaha Hadid for Caspita

The designs were inspired by natural cell structures and comprise a double layer of polygons that form a delicate mesh over the finger.

Zaha Hadid for Caspita

The front of the band is shaped into a claw-like asymmetric point while the other side is shorter.

Zaha Hadid for Caspita

Made in black, white, yellow and pink gold, some of the rings have diamonds set into sections of the lattice. Bracelets in a similar style also form part of the limited-edition collection, though no images are available yet.

Zaha Hadid for Caspita

"This feat of entwined geometries reveals its extraordinary sparkle thanks to the skill of the goldsmiths who expertly hand-polish these prodigiously meshed works," said the team behind the designs.

Zaha Hadid for Caspita

After its stint at the Zaha Hadid Design Gallery, the jewellery will be shown as part of an installation at Art Basel Miami Beach from 2 to 8 December.

This isn't the first time Hadid has designed jewellery: she also created a collection for crystal brand Swarovski in 2010.

Here's the text sent to us by Zaha Hadid Architects:

Zaha Hadid for Caspita

Zaha Hadid offers Caspita her visionary talent by designing two exclusive pieces, a ring and a bracelet, which will be edited in a limited series and launched at the Zaha Hadid Design Gallery in London on 28 November, on show until 2 December during the Caspita pop-up store at the Gallery.

Zaha Hadid for Caspita

The collection will then move to Art Basel Miami to be showcased in the temporary installation "Colette art DRIVE-THRU at alchemist" from 2 to 8 December. Succumbing to the charm of Caspita, Zaha Hadid dwells for the first time upon goldsmith's objects.

Zaha Hadid for Caspita

This unprecedented partnership is the first of Caspita's project of astounding collaborations between jewellery, architecture, contemporary art and design. Inspired by cellular structures found in nature, these creations harmoniously intensify the brand's aphorism "See the invisible".

Zaha Hadid for Caspita

The unparalleled Swiss craftsmanship makes the creation of these two sibylline jewels possible, a profusion of lattice in filigree produced in black, white, yellow and pink gold set with diamonds or not.

Zaha Hadid for Caspita

  • Josh

    All jewellery at Shapeways look like this.

    • music

      Ha! True. I wonder if Dezeen would ever refuse to publish a press release coming from Zaha Hadid or any other ‘big name’. We are getting overloaded by their work everywhere on the internet anyway. Put a bit more effort into it and find the hidden gems please. I would like to be surprised when I am coming to Dezeen and discover things that I didn’t know yet, or that are not so predictable.

  • Damian

    All grasshopper tutorials look like this.

    • Lamian

      … Said all the people that don’t know how to use Grasshopper or critically evaluate intricacies of design.

  • Jonathan

    Kind of disappointed by this. It’s not particularly elegant, complex or remotely original in anyway. Also, why are there never photos of the jewellery being worn?

  • Hopetoun

    That mesh is boring. There are 3D-printing artists with much greater skill. For example, the insane organic mesh of the 3D-printed t-rex sculpture by Namisu, or anything from Joshua Harker and Bathsheba.

    • a-ha!

      Nice try, Namisu guy.

  • Joggl

    Agree with all of the above, and would like to add – these guys are amazing!

    • Kermit

      I agree with Joggl. Nervous System did this a long long long time ago, and Zaha studio needs to stop stepping all over everyone else’s work.

  • derek

    I bet Zaha had little to do with this design but like many of her works, one of her assistants modelled it for her ;)

  • Anna Eisbar

    Articles about jewellery without photos of it being worn are a waste of time, both for the reader and the writer. Try harder, Dezeen.

  • Antonio

    Nice little 3D voronoi exercise there. However, the script for this is widely spread on the internet and you can easily download and make your own awesome looking jewellery.