Car elevators in Porsche Design's Miami tower
will give billionaires drive-in apartments


News: a tower under construction in Miami by Porsche Design and Dezer Development is to feature car elevators, allowing some of the world's wealthiest people to park right next to their living rooms (+ slideshow).

Porsche Design Tower in Miami

The sixty-storey Porsche Design Tower will feature three automobile lifts to transport vehicles up to "sky garages" integrated into each of the 132 units.

Car lift in Porsche Design Tower in Miami

Twenty-two billionaires - just under two percent of the world's total - have already purchased property in the tower according to The Atlantic Cities.

Car lift in Porsche Design Tower in Miami

"Featuring the level of superlative quality and groundbreaking ingenuity synonymous with Porsche Design's iconic style, buyers understand the unprecedented value of these properties," said Porsche Design CEO Juergen Gessler about the first real estate venture for the company.

Car lift in Porsche Design Tower in Miami

Located in Sunny Isles Beach, a seaside district north of Miami, the cylindrical design developed by Dezer Development will rise 198 metres from the shoreline.

Interior of Porsche Design Tower in Miami

Depending on their size, units will have two to four garages that will be visible through glass walls inside the apartments. Resident's vehicles will be washed and maintained by a concierge service.

Living room at Porsche Design Tower in Miami

The residences will include double-height spaces with ocean views, with plunge pools and outdoor kitchens on expansive balconies. Other amenities in the tower will include a spa, a cinema, a game room and a seafront ballroom.

Living room at Porsche Design Tower in Miami

Construction began in April 2013 and the first residents are predicted to move in during early 2016.

luxury residential tower by Herzog & de Meuron has also been proposed on the same strip of shoreline and Zaha Hadid has designed another high-rise apartment building nearby.

Here's some more information from Porsche Design:

$214 Million Construction Loan Secured for Porsche Design Tower

Largest loan for a single construction project in the Southeast United States

New York/South Florida-based Dezer Development today announced that it had closed a $214 million loan from Wells Fargo for construction of the iconic Porsche Design Tower Miami, located in Sunny Isles Beach. It is the largest loan approved for a major construction project in the Southeast United States since the real estate recession, and exponentially larger than any post-recession loan of its kind in South Florida. At $214 million, it is almost 30 percent larger than the previous largest substantive construction loan for a South Florida project since the recovery began.

Balcony at Porsche Design Tower in Miami

The 132-residence, 60-story, ultra-luxury Porsche Design condominium tower is located at 18555 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. The project has already secured $535 million in sales – representing over two-thirds of the units – far exceeding the benchmarks for securing the loan. Sell-out of the remaining units is anticipated to occur towards the end of the year at the current absorption rates. The building’s expansive residences range in size from 4800 to 17000 square feet and are priced from $4.8 million to $32.5 million. The building is slated for occupancy first quarter of 2016.

Balcony at Porsche Design Tower in Miami

"This is extremely positive news for real estate financing and the recovery of the residential real estate market in South Florida," says Gil Dezer, president of Dezer Development. "It is also a testament to how this one-of-a-kind project has been received by our buyers, as well as the lending community."

Porsche Design Tower in Miami

"The opportunity to be part of Porsche Design's first-of-its-kind real estate venture has been paramount to our sales success," says Juergen Gessler, CEO Porsche Design Group. "Featuring the level of superlative quality and groundbreaking ingenuity synonymous with Porsche Design’s Iconic Style, buyers understand the unprecedented value of these properties."

Porsche Design Tower in Miami

Reflecting the Porsche Design luxury brand's hallmarks of technical innovation, forward-thinking and its timeless Iconic Style, the Porsche Design Tower Miami features a one-of-a-kind automobile lift system which will allow owners to park their vehicles in "sky garages" directly next to their units. While typically a luxury reserved for the most elite of penthouses, the building features plunge pools and outdoor summer kitchens on the balconies in almost every unit which completes the feel of the sky residence.

Other incomparable building amenities include a state-of-the-art spa equipped with treatment rooms featuring Vichy showers, sunset terrace complemented with twin over-sized spa tubs, an oceanfront ballroom and multipurpose clubrooms including a movie theatre and game room, and a Car Concierge who will tend to a resident’s vehicle, by assisting with regular maintenance, tire rotations, washing and other services.

  • Jean-Sébastien

    Useless waste of space. I might even add “tax the rich!”

  • Tie

    The world can sleep a little easier tonight with the knowledge that billionaires will soon be able to park their luxury cars next to their luxury apartments while the homeless sleep on the streets.

  • tsunami

    With sea level rising, it’s insanity to build so close to the beach. They should invest in boats rather than in Porsches.

  • Jrico

    Despite the contemporary looks. It is an antiquated idea that of the modern car entering the modern dwelling. It should be reevaluated.

  • Matt

    I’m sharpening my bricks.

  • Romain_M

    Fun with carbon monoxide! Tower edition.

  • Cor

    Porsche is definitely better in cars…

  • JayCee

    Already been done at the Hamilton Scotts in Singapore.

  • tommaso

    Useful. Functional. Practical. I cannot find the right word…

    • Steve

      How about “unaffordable”?

  • Eli Seval

    Despite the ugly design without personality… Porsche couldn’t even pay for decent renderings?

    • Jt

      What’s wrong with them?

  • polo

    Vertical Rublyovka district by Porsche (design?)

  • Dylan

    If these are billionaires they will drive cars better than Porches.

  • Joggl

    Porsche Design is NOT Porsche cars – it is just a relative of the founder who owns a design agency.

  • Keen

    Yes, the founder of Porsche Design was the grandson of the Porsche founder, but he was also the designer of the 911. Porsche Design was founded in 1974 and as the 911 quickly
    became the very embodiment of the sports car, many other items designed by Professor F.A. Porsche became design icons.

  • curiousB

    Pfft. I want to be able to drive around my home. Why can’t I have a drive-in home theatre? How about being able to drive to my balcony?

  • Mike Wambree

    Dear Porsche Design, please do not ruin your good name by doing something as bad and terrible as this tower! The curtain wall looks cheap and doesn’t even look good! And secondly, I thought the sky garage looks fine, until you see a staircase blocking the view of the garage, which completely ruins it! The interior spaces looks like something unworthy of Porsche Design! Finally, nobody hangs a priceless Rothko like that! It is just ridiculous!

  • Julie G
  • jasonmchicago

    Very interesting from an architectural perspective. Totally un-needed. Such disparity between rich and poor is beyond outrageous.

  • Hörður Jóhannsson

    The tower looks like a mosquito trap and is rather ugly in my opinion!

    Porsche cars on the other hand, are awesome!

  • Romain_M

    I’ve just realised this: only three car lifts for 60 stories and 132 units, with ( as I surmised from the visuals) a maximum occupancy of one car per lift… is that even workable?

    Have porsche design just added a whole new dimension to rush hour traffic ? They’ve successfully “verticalized ” gridlock !

    I mean, these can’t be “express” elevators can they ? imagine coming home from a charity gala and having to wait for your neighbors to hoist their cars to their apartment before you can do the same… how miserable it must be to own such luxury.

  • Steve

    If that’s the definition of misery, I’m in!