Primal Skin makeup collection designed
for men by Annemiek van der Beek


Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Annemiek van der Beek has designed a collection of makeup that's packaged to appeal to men (+ slideshow).

Primal Skin by Annemiek van der Beek_dezeen_6

Called Primal Skin, Annemiek van der Beek's collection is designed to camouflage small imperfections in the complexion and accentuate the eyes.

Primal Skin makeup for men by Annemiek van der Beek

"These days men are using more cosmetic products than before and even makeup is a more common topic," the designer told Dezeen. "For women wearing makeup is a daily ritual and for them it's much easier to use and buy it because of the big range of products. This new branding experience makes makeup accessible for the modern man."

Primal Skin makeup for men by Annemiek van der Beek

The set includes foundation in five colours, powder in five colours, eye pencil in stone black or coal black and eyeshadow in three shades of grey.

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The cosmetics are made up of natural ingredients such as coal, clay and mineral stones, and must be applied with specially designed tools that van der Beek says give the experience "a rough and sturdy touch."

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Compacts and brushes are made of black anodised aluminium. "I chose aluminium because the weight and the temperature of the material feels more manly to hold," she explained.

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They come packaged in minimal boxes with rounded corners, made of black-pigmented MDF that van der Beek chose "because it looks like stone, but it is very lightweight."

Primal Skin by Annemiek van der Beek_dezeen_10

"Makeup products are always focused on the female user, but I think a guy wants to experience makeup in a different way," she added.

Primal Skin by Annemiek van der Beek

Annemiek van der Beek presented the project as part of her graduation show at the Design Academy Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week.

  • Romain_M

    Why is the powder so loose in all the visuals? Shouldn’t it be firmly packed like normal make-up powder? Why does taking away a sensible design feature make the product manlier?

    The whole “manly” argument seems disingenuous, the set looks nice on its own, without the added narrative.

  • pozz

    Just one word springs to mind, yuck.

  • shapeshape

    But Apple will sue you.

  • kruka

    Simple, if you need a makeup you’re not a man! The design is okay.

  • Laura Schmitt Hall

    I know tons of men this will appeal to. Also makeup is loose and pressed.

  • Dorian Maine

    Yes, I certainly do want this experience vs the soft compacts from Nars and m.a.c.

  • leicablixa

    They day my husband starts wearing makeup is the day I his man-card-id gets revoked and he’s banned from all hockey!