Libeskind unveils timber-clad physics
centre for Durham University

Daniel Libeskind unveils timber-clad physics centre for Durham University

News: New York architect Daniel Libeskind has unveiled images of a timber-clad building to house physics researchers at Durham University in north-east England.

The £10 million Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics will be located beside the university's existing physics department on South Road and will accommodate two growing organisations - the Institute for Computational Cosmology and the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology.

Daniel Libeskind unveils timber-clad physics centre for Durham University

Studio Daniel Libeskind won a competition to design the building back in July, but has only just revealed images following the news that over £5 million of charitable donations have been made towards the project.

"This new building will provide a tremendously stimulating environment and foster even closer synergies between the two Institutes' research areas," commented Martin Ward, head of Durham's physics department.

Daniel Libeskind unveils timber-clad physics centre for Durham University

Public consultation on the design will take place later this month, and the building is due to complete in 2015, subject to planning approval.

  • ejg

    Why hasn’t an architect from the north east of England been chosen to work on this project, or at least the UK?

  • Anthony

    Durham is in the North East of England.

    • Dezeen Magazine

      Yes you’re right, our mistake. We’re now amended the story. Amy/Dezeen

  • student

    That sketch is just lazy. It’s an iPad app. And it’s not well done either. The building, however, is a bit more appealing than his others.

    • Jorge Ferreira

      What does the fact that it was done on an iPad have to do with the sketch being lazy?

      It’s a really bad drawing, not a bad app. The app is actually pretty awesome and useful.

  • Seamus K

    Did the program require the building to be ugly and contextually inappropriate, or was that just the only thing Libeskind was able to bring to the process?

  • Derek_V


  • hmmmm

    Let’s hope it isn’t built on a D+B contract like it’s predecessor on Holloway Road!

  • Sharon

    Will someone please pass me the wedge template please?

  • JGR

    For a guy who brags he’s a genius and the world’s greatest architect, Libeskind sure does seem to crank out the same old wedge solution for every project.

  • james

    Looks exactly the same as the extension to London Metropolitan University which is equally uninformed and completely out of sync with its surroundings. Every project I see produced by Libeskind is the same old jagged deformed box?

  • GrayGreen

    Why doesn’t he just draw a building standing on its head? It would be no better and certainly no worse than any of the other ideas generated by Libeskind and his staff.