Libeskind unveils timber-clad physics
centre for Durham University

Daniel Libeskind unveils timber-clad physics centre for Durham University

News: New York architect Daniel Libeskind has unveiled images of a timber-clad building to house physics researchers at Durham University in north-east England.

The £10 million Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics will be located beside the university's existing physics department on South Road and will accommodate two growing organisations - the Institute for Computational Cosmology and the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology.

Daniel Libeskind unveils timber-clad physics centre for Durham University

Studio Daniel Libeskind won a competition to design the building back in July, but has only just revealed images following the news that over £5 million of charitable donations have been made towards the project.

"This new building will provide a tremendously stimulating environment and foster even closer synergies between the two Institutes' research areas," commented Martin Ward, head of Durham's physics department.

Daniel Libeskind unveils timber-clad physics centre for Durham University

Public consultation on the design will take place later this month, and the building is due to complete in 2015, subject to planning approval.

  • ejg

    Why hasn’t an architect from the north east of England been chosen to work on this project, or at least the UK?

    • generalpopulation

      So many great architects in the North and they chose this contextually irrelevant rubbish. Utterly bemusing.

  • Anthony

    Durham is in the North East of England.

    • Yes you’re right, our mistake. We’re now amended the story. Amy/Dezeen

  • student

    That sketch is just lazy. It’s an iPad app. And it’s not well done either. The building, however, is a bit more appealing than his others.

    • What does the fact that it was done on an iPad have to do with the sketch being lazy?

      It’s a really bad drawing, not a bad app. The app is actually pretty awesome and useful.

  • Seamus K

    Did the program require the building to be ugly and contextually inappropriate, or was that just the only thing Libeskind was able to bring to the process?

  • Violet

    Why the sloping windows? Why the distorted forms? Cut and paste ideas from other projects, that’s why.

  • Neil

    Trying desperately hard to think of something positive to say… at least the renderings are better than the sketchup efforts his minions made for the Maze peace centre.

    • Aesop

      Don’t waste your time. If Libeskind was involved, no effort was made to create a work of significance. He just cranked out the expected crystal / wedge junk and got a couple of people to sharpen it up in the computer.

  • Barry

    How long more before Libeskind gets found out? More of the same please. Getting well sick of it.

  • Glock

    Of Libeskind’s many, many failings, the most chronic is his inability to study a problem and develop a meaningful concept. It does not help that his ideas are lame and he draws the first thing that pops into his infertile brain (invariably a wedge).

    His doodles are made worse by being transferred CAD by his gullible CAD workers. His ego is so out of control that he’s convinced of its merit. There’s no further study, no analysis and definitely no refinement. SDL does not understand refinement because they’ve never done it.

  • Homer

    I grow weary of your sexually suggestive architecture. Fetch me my ranch dressing hose!

  • Derek_V


  • hmmmm

    Let’s hope it isn’t built on a D+B contract like it’s predecessor on Holloway Road!

  • Sharon

    Will someone please pass me the wedge template please?

  • Magnum D

    It’s like a student project – a really BAD student project.

  • JGR

    For a guy who brags he’s a genius and the world’s greatest architect, Libeskind sure does seem to crank out the same old wedge solution for every project.

  • james

    Looks exactly the same as the extension to London Metropolitan University which is equally uninformed and completely out of sync with its surroundings. Every project I see produced by Libeskind is the same old jagged deformed box?

  • JERW

    Perhaps Dezeen could run an article on the library building for Durham University that was recently completed. There are more than StArchitects out there.

  • GrayGreen

    Why doesn’t he just draw a building standing on its head? It would be no better and certainly no worse than any of the other ideas generated by Libeskind and his staff.