Entomo website design promotes
insects as food


A Dublin-based graphic designer has developed a digital resource encouraging people to eat insects.

Entomo website design promotes insects as food

Lara Hanlon came up with éntomo as a project for her design degree at the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Ireland.

Entomo website design promotes insects as food

Named after entomophagy - the practise of eating insects- the online resource for web and iPad uses research, recipes, events and education facilities to confront the prejudices associated with eating creepy-crawlies.

Entomo website design promotes insects as food

"Eating bugs is not a modern phenomenon," said the designer. "Entomophagy has been part of many world cultures for thousands of years and today in Thailand, South America, and China, bugs are considered a great delicacy."

Entomo website design promotes insects as food

Hanlon wrote and designed all the content for éntomo, which highlights the sustainability and health benefits of eating insects over other foods. The site also has an online shop where visitors can buy insects such as crickets, grasshoppers and weaver ants that have been seasoned.

Entomo website design promotes insects as food

"Global warming caused by livestock and an increase in human population means that there is a genuine need for a more sustainable system of food production," she said. "An important food source for humans as well as many animals, insects can provide us with an efficient, safe, sustainable, and healthy global food supply in response to these growing concerns."

Entomo website design promotes insects as food

When designing the site's logo, Hanlon drew on the Greek word entomon, which means cut in two - like the body of an insect. The designer deliberately divided each letter in two to create the identity for use in both print and video.

The website features close-range, gourmet images of insects in food as well as simple, black silhouettes used for the info-graphics - all shot or designed by Hanlon.

Entomo website design promotes insects as food

The project won the New Star Award at the Shenzhen Design Awards for Young Talents in China. In association with UNESCO, this prize awards projects for their urban sustainability credentials and ability to improve the standard of living in cities across the world.

Entomo website design promotes insects as food
Diagram showing insect statistics - click for larger image

There's been a growing interest in normalising insects for food recently, including an insect-breeding kitchen appliance that we featured recently.

  • For Western palates, this would take some getting used to. But I think it’s worth the effort. And at some point in the future we may not have that much of a choice.

  • Funnyguy

    Eating insects is such a BUZZword currently.

  • brononamous

    So this is just like Ento: http://www.eat-ento.co.uk/

    Very, very similar.

    • dubious

      Yes exactly that project came to my mind immediately. Indeed very similar. Even the name. If you Google “eating insects project” it comes up as the first page! So how can you not find that when researching a bit?

    • ops

      And the eat-ento project won the Braun Prize and the Green Design competition and was widely published.

  • Lara

    Explore the full resource here: http://entomoproject.eu/

  • P

    http://creative.arte.tv/de/magazin/entomophagen It’s in german, but quite interesting as well.