OMA plans San Francisco


News: architecture firm OMA is working on designs for a 167-metre skyscraper on Folsom Street in San Francisco.

OMA has teamed up with property developer Related California and non-profit organisation Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation to plan the tower as part of a residential development offering a mix of homes for sale and rent, of which 27 percent will be affordable.

Led by OMA partner Shohei Shigematsu, the design also features a pair of podium buildings and a row of townhouses.

The development will be constructed on a city-owned plot between First Street and Fremont Street - one of 11 sites being sold off to pay for the $4.2 billion Transbay Transit Centre housing development nearby.

The OMA team is understood to have offered San Francisco's Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure $72 million for the plot, coming in ahead of bids from developers Millennium Partners and Golub & Co.

The project is OMA's second recent appointment in California, following a commission for a major mixed-use public building for downtown Santa Monica.

Image is by Steelblue.

  • Taneli123r423r4234

    San Francisco needs to grow taller.

    • Pipo

      Isn’t that the same tired solution that every architect has for every city in the world?

      • John C Miklos

        What, if anything, should be done to make San Francisco affordable again?

      • c’mon


      • Taneli123r423r4234

        I’d argue the usual North American solution of suburban sprawl, in San Francisco reaching to San Jose and beyond, is by all means way worse. To even up the supply and demand of real estate within the city of SF, the only option is to grow tall. High-rises don’t need to be boring, if that’s what you imply.

    • John C Miklos

      San Francisco needs to grow more affordable. Taller is only one possibility.

  • edub

    At least only 73% UN-affordable.

  • Rae Claire

    And 73 percent will be unaffordable?

  • justsayin

    First of all, are we so desperate for news that we now announce so and so architects are planning to work on a project before anything actually happens? I am assuming the image shown above is not the project. If it is, I will need to come back and write a longer comment.

    Second, if anyone thinks that OMA partnering with a developer to build a tower is going to provide affordable housing in this city, then think again. Look at NYC, Miami, Toronto, etc. And no, OMA does not really care about that.

  • Diego Almaraz

    27% of affordable units is remarkable for a US city. As an urbanist I really appreciate this, especially in a starchitect-designed mixed use tower.