Man-made marble by Max Lamb used to create
camouflaged furniture installation

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Milan 2014: British designer Max Lamb developed a multicoloured engineered marble for Dzek, which was used to build furniture that appears to merge with walls of the same material for an installation in Milan.

Marmoreal by Max Lamb for Dzek Salone Installation

Max Lamb was approached by London design brand Dzek to re-examine the production of man-made stone surfaces and came up with a material called Marmoreal that combines coloured marble with a polyester binder to create a durable stone for architectural applications.

Marmoreal by Max Lamb for Dzek Salone Installation

"We invited Max to examine agglomerate stones such as terrazzo and question how he would design and use one consistent with his practice known for its quixotic craftsmanship, disciplined logic, and a measured exuberance deeply rooted in materiality," said Dzek founder Brent Dzekciorius.

Marmoreal by Max Lamb for Dzek Salone Installation

Rather than the small chips of stone embedded in typical terrazzo, Lamb chose to celebrate the natural surface detail of marble by including large chunks in the mix for his manmade material.

Marmoreal by Max Lamb for Dzek Salone Installation

Marmoreal means "real marble" in Italian and is used to describe materials or objects that resemble marble. The four types of marble used in Lamb's stone come from the quarries around Verona in northern Italy, which are famous for processing marble.

Marmoreal by Max Lamb for Dzek Salone Installation

Green Verde Alpi, ochre-yellow Giallo Mori, and red Rosso Verona variants were selected to contrast with a background of white Bianco Verona marble.

Marmoreal by Max Lamb for Dzek Salone Installation

Combining these stones with a small amount of polyester resin results in a multicoloured material that is stronger and less porous than natural marble.

Marmoreal by Max Lamb for Dzek Salone Installation

"Composed of four historically significant Veronese marbles, Marmoreal is a material exploration that celebrates the individual qualities of these stones while acknowledging that the sum of its parts makes for something far more compelling," explained Dzekciorius.

The material can be used to produce tiles or components for furniture, like the six pieces developed by Lamb to showcase the product's capabilities.

Marmoreal by Max Lamb for Dzek Salone Installation

These include a chair, bookcase, low coffee table, side table, shelf and a dining table or desk, all produced from simple geometric blocks of the engineered marble.

At its installation during last week's Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Dzek presented the furniture in a space lined with tiles of Marmoreal that made it hard to distinguish the furniture from the walls.

Marmoreal by Max Lamb for Dzek Salone Installation

Dzek focuses on collaborating with architects, designers and artists to develop architectural materials that can be used as the basis for product collections. The Marmoreal project is the first to be completed by the company.

Photography is by Delfino Sisto Legnani.

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  • Alun

    It’s just terrazzo but its very nice terrazzo. Nice first project for Dzek, congratulations Max and Brent.

  • Airborne

    Memphis (Shiro Kuramata) revisited.


    This brought back a sad memory about an accident that I had, last June, in a BART (commuter train) station in San Francisco. I was walking and looking at the screen to see when the next train would arrive. I walked right into a bench, the top of which was the height of my right knee. The concrete bench was the same colour as the floor. Not a fun experience. I returned to the same spot, last month. They had removed the bench! I probably wasn’t the only person who had this miserable experience. Camouflaged furniture. Waiting for a accident to happen!

  • Andrea Dichiara

    Just 30 years ago Shiro Kuramata did this for Memphis the Italian design company!

  • Andrew

    And Dzek identity font is exactly the same as Dezeen font!

  • Mini Mal

    Resembles Park Street around 3am.