Geof Ramsay provides an alternative
to sitting on stairs with Steps bench


Canadian designer Geof Ramsay has used the notion of staircases that double as seating areas to create a wooden bench from a set of steps.

Steps bench by Geof Ramsey

"For as long as the staircase has been used, it has also been a form of seating," said Geof Ramsay. "The raised right angle of the step lends itself to form a natural seat-like structure."

Steps bench by Geof Ramsey

Ramsay took the idea of using stairs as informal seating areas and created the three-tiered Steps seat from maple plywood boards.

Steps bench by Geof Ramsey_dezeen_1c

"By re-conceptualizing objects that were originally designed for one purpose, we find alternate or multiple uses," Ramsay said.

Steps bench by Geof Ramsey

The structure comprises three steps with deep treads and short risers. A seat back simply slots into a groove in the second tread, perpendicular to the risers, forming a seat with two platforms on either side.

Steps bench by Geof Ramsey

Upholstered cushions rest on the platform and against the back to make the seat more comfortable. Another cushion can be added to the lower step to create an extra place to sit.

"Using stairs as seating spans through all cultures and demographics - from beggars peddling to lawyers eating their lunch," commented Ramsay. "While in university settings, stairs are synonymous with a place to have a break with friends or study."

Steps bench by Geof Ramsey

Ramsey's product flips the idea of a staircase designed to double as seating, which architects have used in a range of interiors including offices, schools and homes - see a selection of examples here.

The product is crafted in Halifax, Canada, and available made-to-order from Geof Ramsay Design Studio.

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    Dezeen are you trolling us? Man makes both useless stairs and useless bench out of cheap material.

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