Slim kitchen island installed
at Home 10 by i29


Dutch studio i29 has designed a minimal stainless-steel kitchen island for a classical Paris apartment (+ slideshow).

Home 10 kitchen island by i29

Interior architects i29 created the island to house a sink and cooking hob, while keeping the profile as thin as possible.

"Our aim was to develop a kitchen system that seems to disappear in space," said the designers.

Home 10 by i29

"The design is reduced to its absolute minimum, having a top surface of only a couple of centimetres thickness with all water, cooking and electrical connections included."

Home 10 by i29

The black-coloured unit looks like it is folded from a single piece of metal to create three surfaces.

Home 10 by i29

Underneath, the legs and top are slightly angled to a central ridge that accommodates the wiring and pipes.

Home 10 by i29

With the sink located at one end and the hob at the other, the central sections of the island can be used for preparing food.

Home 10 by i29

The rest of the kitchen appliances and storage spaces are hidden behind white MDF panels with mouldings that match the other walls around the apartment.

Home 10 by i29

Created by cabinet maker Simon Sintenie, the panels open up like doors then slide back into the walls to reveal coffee machines, a desk, and shelves for storing food and utensils.

Home 10 by i29

"In the case of this apartment in Paris, where the kitchen concept is installed, an existing profiled wall is exactly copied on the front panels in order to integrate the solid volume with the monumental space," the designers said.

Home 10 by i29

The kitchen island is positioned in the centre of the room, with glass french doors in front and floor-length windows that lead to a balcony on one side.

Home 10 by i29
Plans – click for larger image
  • Ben D

    Someone care to explain to me how that sink works?

    • Simon Gerssen

      The bottom of the sink is sloped I guess. The water goes through the (hollow) countertop to the (hollow) triangular column, or something like that :)

      • rohtmuz

        So just not very deep?

    • jan

      The table is not flat underneath but slopes. The angle of the photographs are such that it looks very slim. Second to last picture shows you that the sink is actually about 5″ deep.

      • dick_c

        I think 5″ is too generous. If the drawings are correct, and the counter height is 36″, it looks more like the sink is less than 3″.

    • Francino

      I guess the wash-up will be a splash-up?

    • posho

      By the power of good will, my friend. That and golden thread pipes woven by baby angels.

  • Soupdragon

    Hopefully nobody ever has to cook anything in that kitchen, clearly designed by someone with a microwave.

    • Paul

      My microwave died about four years ago, and I haven’t replaced it.

      Cooking on the stove is so much healthier than potentially exposing the body to the radiation energy of microwaves, that could still be present bouncing around inside the food after being taken out of the microwave and consumed; and I don’t care what the experts say because they don’t know everything, and most probably haven’t looked at the microwaves at the more microscopic level.

    • Roy

      Members of the raw food movement, perhaps? Or maybe they use a smartphone as a kitchen substitute?

  • Louis R Johnson

    The sink may be more appropriate for a wet-bar. Seems like you couldn’t handle much flow or any waste product down that sink. Regardless, it is beautiful as is the storage.

  • Guest

    An invisible yet functioning sink. How peremptorily clever.

  • mig

    This is really amazing. I couldn’t have done better. It is perfect. I would like to know more about the furniture please.

  • RichardDP

    Lovely, but clearly designed for someone who never has to wash dishes, prepare food or clean their own kitchen.

  • su

    Great! Love this place. Who cares about washing the dishes if you have a dishwasher (probably integrated as well). Superb.

  • Maxx

    The perfect kitchen for the raw-vegan!

  • Jack K

    I’m going to agree that the sink is probably only 3″ deep. I know they didn’t mention it, but there must be a more conventional sink behind the seamless doors. The kitchen sink is the workhorse in a home, whether you cook or not.

  • Paul

    Imagine having to repair the faucet. It would even be a challenge for a plumber.

    • Bob

      …and funny how the view most of us want to see to answer this question is not supplied by the design team.

  • Pablo

    Hi Ben,
    Simple; It DOESN’T :-)

  • alston nobel

    Really amazing.

  • haitao

    A kitchen for people who don’t cook! it’s obvious that the water flow is very weak in such thin wires. It looks nice but let’s not forget that design is based on its function.

  • timboy

    This is the most clever use of perspective with design in a kitchen that I have ever seen and it is my goal to one day create something as elegant. Bravo!

    To the grumps complaining about it in the comments section, perhaps the user needs to change the way dishes are washed? We’ve been using the same process for a few thousand years, why not try out something new?

    Deep sinks are ugly, waste water and space, and are a pain to clean. AND they’re boring. This design maybe introduces some new challenges, but it certainly solves several of the existing ones.

  • Citroenbanaan

    Grumps indeed.

    Who does the dishes by hand anyway? I’d bet there is a dishwasher in the fancy cupboard. Welcome to the future.

    Also, shallow (or even flat) sinks have been around for a couple of years now. If done correctly they work just fine.

  • This is a similar principle to the new(ish) iMacs. The impression of flatness is really where it’s at these days, not only within our interaction with ‘apps’ etc., but with physical products themselves.

    Recently, it was suggested that we’ve entered into a new geological epoch, tentatively named the Anthropocene. I would instead suggest the Applecene.

  • Cooking will be messy and splashy. Terrible kitchen design. Say goodbye to the wooden floor.

  • rodd22 AKA Hobbes

    #Exceptionnel. #Magnifique. La plus #Elégante!!!!

  • rodd22 AKA Hobbes

    I’m flabbergasted by those concerned with washing dishes – that’s what a maid is for!
    Also, who puts their crystal & antique china in a dishwasher?! Tsk tsp tsk.