Zaha Hadid proposes a pair of tapered towers for Australia's Gold Coast

Mariner's Cove towers by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid has designed her second set of skyscrapers for Australia – a pair of sinuous towers that will be constructed beside the harbour in Gold Coast, Queensland.

The London-based architect has been appointed by Australian developer Sunland Group to create the pair of towers as part of the redevelopment of Mariner's Cove, best known as the home of the Sea World resort.

The two 44-storey structures will accommodate 370 apartments in total as well as a boutique hotel with 69 suites.

Both are designed by Hadid to feature sculptural curved glass forms, reminiscent of muscle sinews, and will be raised up over a curved podium.

Mariner's Cove towers by Zaha Hadid

"Each residential tower is designed as if it were an organic, living form, with sinuous lines interlacing upwards from the tapered base, creating a sense of flow and movement," said Sunland managing director Sahba Abedian.

"This vibrancy is further brought to life by the reflection and interaction of the glass facade with its stunning setting."

Described by the developer as "the city's first privately-owned cultural precinct dedicated to the arts", the complex will also include an art gallery, a museum and several sculpture gardens, as well as shops, restaurants and an underground aquarium.

Mariner's Cove towers by Zaha Hadid

The AU$600 million (£300 million) project is Hadid's second commission from Sunland Group, following a trio of towers the architect proposed last year for nearby Brisbane, which also feature tapered profiles.

The team has submitted a planning application to Gold Coast City Council for the Mariner's Cove scheme, while the Brisbane project – entitled Grace on Coronation – has been recommended for approval by the city's planning assessment committee.

Hadid is also currently progressing her plans for a 215-metre-high tower in Miami, and recently completed a trio of pebble-shaped towers in Beijing.

  • James

    Oh no.

  • SomeoneHasToSayIt

    They’re almost the same as the pair proposed for Brisbane. And they’re awful.

    • Oli

      I thought they were to be honest.

      Zaha has run out of ideas, but unfortunately not commissions

  • Guest

    I’ve a suspicion they’re running out of juice.

  • Durgen Jensen

    3ds Max can use the model for their startup screen.

  • Joseph Strawbridge

    This will place Brisbane and Gold Coast prominently on the architectural world stage.

    • Rafael

      I think that’s what every single city employing Hadid is hoping for. In my opinion prominence won’t come from copy-paste jobs of bad architecture, even if big names are attached to the projects. One can only hope.

      • Joseph Strawbridge

        Perhaps you are right, however the big names undeniably challenge the locals to up their game.

        • Rafael

          Definitely, what a good way of seeing it.

      • Joshua Brown

        What’s worse is that adjacent to the three Hadid buildings in Brisbane are the beautiful historic woolstore warehouses that have been re-purposed into apartment blocks. In order to keep the feel of the neighborhood, all the new developments were restricted in height to match the woolstores. Now they want to dump these three pillars here? Just build that high-rise crap in the Gold Coast so it can blend in with the faux Miami aesthetic.

      • Joseph Strawbridge

        Unfortunately, we don’t need to look far in our cities to see many years of bad copies of bad copies designed by bean counters and engineers and built by artistically challenged project managers.

        Architects being the lame duck in the overall development process. At least here we see an effort at delivering architecture and that in itself should be applauded.

    • Guest

      Well that’s nice, isn’t it.

      • Joseph Strawbridge

        Must be a worthless negative comment to remain an anonymous guest.

        • Guest

          Must be what? Jo, your ego is showing.

          • Joseph Strawbridge

            No ego here my friend, I’m happy to put my name to my comments and would hope others would do likewise.

  • M. Vitruvius

    The world is becoming one big Jurassic Architecture Park where the architecture dinosaurs keep repeating themselves.

  • Jasper

    Never has a city and architect been so perfectly matched.

  • Iconic

    This part of the Gold Coast is a zoned low-rise. No more than two storeys at the moment. By adding a ‘private cultural precinct’ to the development application the developers are trying to jam through a change that would impact the entire Spit. High-rise all the way to the Sea Way!

    Mariners Cove is separate to Sea World, which is further up the Spit and not part of this proposal. I do believe however that Sea World did own Mariners Cove and sold it to Sunland.

    • Joseph Strawbridge

      Comment is typical of the “big-country-town” syndrome.

  • Eddie Sampaio

    What a shi**!

  • spadestick

    Not golden enough.

  • Peter

    Angry extraterrestrials have rammed their drinking bottles into the ground.

  • suspicious

    Looks like the Matrix towers. Batteries here we come.

  • Sam

    Replace the ridiculously golden evening render to a dull, miserable day, and this project would begin to look every inch the dystopian nightmare.

    • Durgen Jensen

      I agree with you on that!

  • Olof

    What is the point in trying to make a massive building look and feel like a tiny handheld electric appliance? Because that is what the design language conveys. Don’t get me wrong, I do love some of her work. Admittedly, this last sentence sounds a bit like, “I have lots of gay friends!”

    • Dylan

      Brilliant comment.

  • Nathaniel Bradford

    At least the Gold Coast can’t get any less cultured.

  • Joseph Strawbridge

    Very well said.

  • Rob Elliott

    Couldn’t agree more. This is structurally elegant and unique.

  • This is beautiful and ravishing.