Print Shift is a print-on-demand magazine by Dezeen that explores the fast-changing world of 3D printing and analyses the way it is changing the worlds of architecture and design.

The 60-page, advert-free publication explores advances in 3D printing across a range of topics including fashion, food, design, architecture and even medicine, weaponry and archaeology.

Created by the Dezeen editorial team and produced with print-on-demand publisher Blurb, Print Shift is the result of extensive research into a field of technology that is developing at exhilarating speed.

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"You can design anything and have it 3D-printed"

Bart Veldhuizen, community manager at online 3D-printing service Shapeways, takes Dezeen on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the company's Eindhoven print facility for the final instalment in our series of movies about additive manufacturing. More »

"Printed human tissues are ten years away"

Michael Renard, executive vice president of bioprinting company Organovo, explains how 3D printing could one day be used to produce replacement tissue, vessels and organs in this interview conducted for our print-on-demand magazine Print Shift (+ transcript). More »

How we 3D-printed our heads

Rather than publish our photos on the contributors' page of the Print Shift 3D-printing magazine we launched this week, we thought it would be fun to get ourselves scanned and printed out. Here's how we did it. More »

"When I first saw 3D printing I immediately saw the future"

In this movie made as part of our collaboration with print-on-demand publisher Blurb, we visit three of the world's leading 3D-printing pioneers, including Janne Kyttanen of Freedom of Creation (above), and explain how we produced Print Shift, the magazine about 3D printing that we launched earlier today. More »

"Food is the next frontier of 3D printing"

News: 3D printing expert Janne Kyttanen has produced prototype printed pasta, breakfast cereal and burgers to demonstrate how advances in 3D printing could transform the way we eat (+ interview + slideshow). More »

3D printed houses are "not that far off"

Interview: earlier today, London studio Softkill Design unveiled plans for a 3D printed house. We spoke to Softkill's Gilles Retsin about the viability of printed architecture and how he intends to print a plastic dwelling in just three weeks. "When we started this research, it was a kind of science fiction," he says. "It's not actually that far off any more." More »

ProtoHouse by Softkill Design

London architecture team Softkill Design has designed a conceptual house that would be 3D printed in sections in a factory and fitted together on site (+ interview transcript). More »

Printing products at home is
"cheaper than shopping"

News: consumers can save money by printing products at home rather than shopping for them, according to Janne Kyttanen, co-founder of design studio Freedom of Creation and creative director of 3D printer company 3D Systems (+ interview). More »

Food Probe by Philips Design

Philips Design in Eindhoven have designed a series of conceptual products for food, including a machine (below) that prints combinations of ingredients into shapes and consistencies specified by the user (above). Update: this project is included in Dezeen Book of Ideas, which is on sale now for £12. More »

Radiolaria pavilion by Shiro Studio

Andrea Morgante, founder of Shiro Studio, has collaborated with D-Shape to produce the Radiolaria pavilion, a complex, free-form structure produced using the world's largest 3D printer. More »