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Dutch design stamps issued

A series of twelve postage stamps designed by Amsterdam creative agency staat have gone into circulation in the Netherlands.


Each stamp celebrates a different Dutch icon, including traditional symbols such as the tulip, ice skates and the rookworst sausage.


Modern inventions and designs also feature,including the energy-saving lightbulb, the longneck Heineken bottle, Max Barenbrug's Bugaboo stroller and Tejo Remy's Milk Bottle lamp.


The stamps were commissioned by Dutch post company TNT Post and went into circulation at the start of this year.

In their statement, the designers say: "Some examples of what you will find on the stamps are the Heineken longneck bottle and the Bugaboo stroller, both of which have achieved major international success and are now well known on a global scale for their Dutch DNA.

"Their recognizability has for a large part to do with their unique shapes, which we have brought back to their essence.

"To enlarge their iconic value we have placed the objects in typical Dutch landscapes - recognizable horizons that create perfect scenery.

"Fresh and outspoken colors, such as orange and magenta, are combined to create a clear and strong design which appeals to a large audience.

"We have used both color and alignment to connect the individual designs and create one visual effect on the sheet of stamps."