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Droog show Taiwan fruits

Dutch design collective Droog have presented four new products developed in workshops organised by Taiwan's National Palace Museum and Taiwan Design Centre.

Conducted by Droog co-founder Gijs Bakker in Taiwan last August, the workshops involved 30 designers and were intended to generate ideas for new products for the museum's gift shop.


Each design interprets something from the museum's collection. Sugar Cube (above) is, indeed, a sugar cube, but with a miniature model ship concealed inside that floats to the surface of the drink when the sugar melts. This refers to a tiny model ship in the museum.


Renew Palace Museum in Your Home (top) is a kit for applying an antique floral pattern to things like empty Absolut bottles; Vase with a Design of Flowers and Fruits (above) is a set of five vases and bowls that stack to form a replice Ming vase; while Ming Dolls (below) are a Manga-meets-Barbie take on a famous terracotta statuette of a voluptuous Chinese woman.