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Swarovski Crystal Palace 2

Live from Milan: here are more images from the Swarovski Crystal Palace show at Via Savona 56, Milan this week, including chandeliers by Jaime Hayon, Kengo Kuma and the Bouroullec Brothers.


Top image: Sparkle Shady by Jaime Hayon. Above: Stone Light by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.


Above: Tornado by Kengo Kuma

Project descriptions below are provided by Swarovski:


Sparkle Shady by Jaime Hayon

Made out of a series of light shades in different shapes and sizes, Sparkle Shady is a flexible and functional design.

The “skin" of each shade is created using Swarovski crystals, ‘hot-fixed’ onto the textile and fitted onto the shades. They are changeable and can also be modified over time, creating an ever-changing installation.

The natural beauty of the Swarovski crystals allows for a stunning play on light, even when it is not illuminated. Sparkle Shady is a simple, elegant piece instilled with flexibility for today’s requirements.

Stone Light by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec
Stone Lights are solitary Swarovski crystals with a soft luminous presence. Fascinated by the remarkable aspect of the crystal’s shape, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec were inspired to create unique Stone chandeliers.

A far cry from the usual small crystals that proliferate in traditional chandeliers, the light here emanates from single larger crystals which have been custom-produced by Swarovski for this project. Their magical aspect is reinforced by their electrical autonomy due to special batteries and an LED embedded within.

Stone Lights can live their own lives anywhere without permanent electric wires, moving from the garden path to the dining room table. Each light contains a mirrored surface to encourage refraction of the light from the crystal.

Tornado by Kengo Kuma

Architect Kengo Kuma's design features a large acrylic bowl suspended in the air and filled with water and Swarovski crystals. The blower within the bowl moves the crystals around like a Tornado, creating a dream-like effect.

Kuma describes the crystals as being ‘free’ and not restricted by wires: "Free from the wire. Crystals become stardust. Stardust dances like a TORNADO. I was inspired for this chandelier by the snow devil. It shines by the reflection of the lighting and movements of itself."


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