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Swarovski Crystal Palace

Live from Milan: here are chandeliers by Arne Quinze of Quinze & Milan, Amanda Levete of Future Systems and Diller, Scofidio and Renfro - the first of many, many images of new chandeliers created as part of the Swarovksi Crystal Palace exhibition.


Above: called Dream Saver, this design by Arne Quinze is a 12m-long tunnel lined with hanging chains of crystals.


Above and below: Light Sock by Diller Scofidio + Renfro is a mesh bag filled with Swarovski crystals containing a single hidden light.


Below: Black & Lite by Amanda Levete / Future Systems consists of crystals embedded in a loop of carbon fibre.


The project descriptions below come from Swarovski:


Dream Saver by Arne Quinze

Inspiration for Dream Saver came from Arne Quinze’s desire to revert the experience of looking at crystals from the outside and using them as a source of reflection. Quinze’s aim is to use the emotional capacity of Swarovski crystal to absorb and release the energy and dreams of people.

By doing so, the crystals “look" at the viewer and become a form of energy by turn. Shaped for speed and motion, when walking through Dream Saver, visitors experience the magic of the crystals and at the same time feel the energy of the previous visitors.

The structure is 12m long and 3m high and is made using a wooden and metal frame coated in eight layers of multi-structured fiberglass sheets coated in a Ceralic metallic lacquer. Inside, there are six projection units and hanging from it are 5.5km of Swarovski crystal strands.

Light Sock by Diller Scofidio + Renfro

Subverting the branching structure and pendants of the traditional chandelier, Light Sock is comprised of a mesh bag filled with Swarovski crystals. A single halogen bulb light source buried in the mass of crystals intensifies the optical effects of the crystal facets.

Created in three sizes (single, double and long) from a one-size-fits-all bag, Light Sock expands to take the shape of its content and offers a very flexible alternative to the conventional chandelier.

Black & Lite by Amanda Levete / Future Systems

The continuous looped line of Black & Lite forms a twisted surface in super light carbon fibre through which lines of LEDs are revealed by Swarovski crystals embedded in the glossy black skin.

Derived from a mathematical 3-D Harmonograph, which has been stretched and manipulated to create an orchid like form, the structure is so lightweight it twists in response to any air movement.

The surface folds in on itself revealing inside and outside faces. The sparkle from the crystal light is on one face only so mysteriously appears and disappears according to the twist of the shape.


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