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Andrea Salvetti at Dilmos

Andrea Salvetti at Dilmos

Milan update: Italian designer/artist Andrea Salvetti continues to plough his distinctive furrow, this year showing chairs resembling nests, cupboards resembling giant logs, some super-sized eggs and a giant filigree mushroom - all made of shiny metal.


The show, called TerraTerra, was at Dilmos gallery.


Below are details of the pieces and a short essay about the collection:


April 18 - 23, 2007

DILMOS PRESENTS “TerraTerra" collection by Andrea Salvetti

"For me "TerraTerra" is very simple, something effortless within everyone’s reach, lacking in preconceived or sophistic aspects. It is natural like clouds in the sky and plants in the ground,like birds in their nests and people in their homes." A.S.


Alberi , 2006
approx. 450x450x300h cm
Pressed aluminium, polyurethane coating
Limited edition


Nido, Armchairs, 2006
Interwoven with anodized aluminium wire

Uova, 2007
White, in resined polyurethane (in collaboration with Gianni Osgnach)
Gold, in gold-plated aluminium plate


Tronchi, Cupboards, 2006
Cast aluminium
Limited edition

"Welcome to Andrea's craftsmanship, a world shaped by his technical expertise and his love and knowledge of nature as expressed in his magical reproductions. Welcome to Andrea's emotions informing poetry and his intrinsic memory of things, both partners of his daily life.

And welcome to his bold choices of materials, dimensions, weights and to the deeper meanings of the natural world into which he draws us in filtering his peen observations of the outdoors.

Welcome to his artistic determination free of marketing innuendos. Welcome Andrea Salvetti, bearer of "humus", of fertile genius. And welcome to his gift for story telling using animals, tree trunks, cases of fruit, eggs, trees and nests.

Welcome to his tales, personal notes winding their way through a land off the beaten track. The province of Lucca between the town of Pescaglia and the Apuan Alps. A region of wooded wilderness, of farming communities and of the heart." - Clara Mantica

The exhibition is accompanied by the book "Andrea Salvetti TerraTerra", published by Electa, texts by Clara Mantica, Gianpiero Mughini and Alessandro Romanini. The book covers several of the milestones in Andrea Salvetti’s work and looks back at 10 years of artistic activity in the fields of design and sculpture.