Prada Prototypes auction by AMO

AMO and Prada have launched Prada Prototypes, an online auction of limited-edition Prada garments and accessories.

AMO is the think-tank wing of Rem Koolhaas' Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). The twin organisations have completed numerous projects for Prada in the past, including the design of the Prada Epicentre stores in New York and Los Angeles.

More info from AMO below:

(Milan, 10 July, 2007) AMO, the think-tank of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) has completed the newest component of the website - an online auction,of exclusive collectible pieces by the Prada fashion house.

The auction website lets bidders personalize the process by allowing them to include information about themselves, photo, or links to their websites. Bidders can also track the bid history of individual pieces through a graphic chart.

The ‘Prada Prototypes’ auction features 24 pieces including dresses, skirts, bags and shoes all hand-selected by Ms. Miuccia Prada. Initially created for the catwalk, the pieces have never appeared or been produced with the specific colour or material and some pieces have been made specifically for the auction.

The Prototypes auction is open to anyone over 18 from almost any location in the world. Visitors to the site have seven days to bid on the one-off Prada pieces with 3 items being auctioned every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Proceeds of the digital event will be donated to the Fondazione Areté Onlus San Raffaele a hospital and medical research centre in Milan, Italy.

The ‘Prada Prototypes’ auction website is a continuation of the long-term collaboration between AMO and Prada. In early 2002 while OMA worked on the design of Prada Epicentre stores in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, AMO worked on creating PRADA’s in store information technology and media content.

Most recently AMO has been responsible for the design of all the catwalk fashion shows for both Prada and Miu Miu labels and the filming and editing of the behind the scenes movies of these shows. This year AMO created Prada’s America’s Cup launch event at Mercado Central of Valencia, Spain and designed the Obvious Classics #1 line of t-shirts.

In 2004 AMO began a series of exhibitions in Tokyo, titled ‘Waist-Down Miuccia Prada: Art and Creativity’ which have since travelled to Shanghai, New York and Los Angeles and in 2005 AMO began the development of Prada’s online presence with the Prada Parfums websites which included the websites and the ‘making-of’ movies of the campaigns.