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Papier-mache Armchair by Majid Asif

New Designers 07: here is our first post from the New Designers Part 2 graduate showcase, which opened last night at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. Paper Mache Arm Chair (sic) is designed by Majid Asif of University College for the Creative Arts. The chair is made of 120 layers of newspaper built up over an inflatable mould.

Asif's website,, is under construction. Meanwhile, here is a statement from Asif:


Paper Mache Arm Chair

Inspired by a Metro advertising Campaign which displayed images of innovative and creative ways in which to reuse waste newspaper. The Paper Mache Arm Chair is a product which uses a low tech production method (paper mache) to produce a one off product.

The mould used to manufacture this product was an inflatable. Therefore once the 120 layers of newspaper had been layered onto the mould the inflatable could be removed once dry. The product I feel highlights mass consumption and also makes effective use of waste material.

If the same product were to be reproduced, no two products would have the same end aesthetic; therefore each product would be produced as a one off. The joyful aspect of paper mache is the simple fact that anything can be added to a product to change its strength and form (e.g. polystyrene cups etc).

Majid Asif