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Madelene Björk at New Designers

New Designers 07: here are three projects by Madelene Björk, a graduate from the contemporary furniture degree course at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College. Above is her Sideboard Kitchen while below are her Wire Lamps and a project called 10 Metres.


Björk's work is on show at the New Designers exhibition in London until 15 July.


Below are statements from Björk about each of the projects:



This brief was composed by Kitchen Company Howden Joinery. The focus was on the future kitchen.

Through research into trends and statistics concerning food consuming, social and living arrangements, I looked into ready-meals, focusing on single occupancy living. The research showed a rise in people living on their own, in studio or open plan flats and a rise in consuming of ready-meals. The shops are promoting more and healthier ready-meals and more individual shops and internet-companies are selling frozen healthy ready meals, delivered on your doorstep. My prediction is that the ready-meal will reach a larger market in the near future!

The ready-meal-kitchen is designed for an open plan living arrangement and the focus has been on erasing the border between the living room and the kitchen, looking to sideboards for inspiration. Linking the two spaces has been achieved by the form and use of materials.

The unit is built up by boxes which each has a specific use. There are a microwave-oven cupboard, a drawer for plates and cutleries, a glass-door cabinet for dry food, a box for sink and waste bin and shelving for glasses. The four metal legs give the kitchen unit a furniture feel.

Materials used: Corian, American Cherry, white lacquered wood, glass, metal
Dimensions: L: 1586mm, H: 1236mm / 930,3mm, D: 350mm / 315mm / 415mm / 518mm


Wire Lamps

The concept behind the wire lamps was to explore the possibilities to link the quick sketch to the real life product. The lamps are made to embrace the sketching also in the making, as they were measured by eye, while being made.

The intention was to take as true approach to sketching as possible and to end up with two pieces having their individual measurements and appearance.

Material: 5mm Steel wire


10 Metres Lighting

This was a project for BCUC’s 10th year anniversary of collaboration between Milan’s Salone Satellite and the British Council. The brief was to design a piece of furniture or product with relation to the number ‘10’.

My concept for ’10’ is a 10 metre line – drawing in space with the intention to put a drawing of furniture into a three dimensional form – made in one continuous line of 10 metres.

The intentions beyond the 10 metres were to focus on the material and processes, in relation to the set aim – to explore the possibilities to link the quick sketch to the real life product.

The 10 light is simply an outline, which forms an interesting piece which plays on the relationship between two furniture forms which is interacting with space.

Materials: 5mm thick steel rod