Gitta Gschwendtner at Wellcome Collection 1

Here is the first of two permanent exhibition spaces designed by Gitta Gschwendtner at the newly opened Wellcome Collection centre for medical science and art in London.


Medicine Now, shown here, follows the the story of medicine from 1936 - the year Henry Wellcome, founder of medical research charity the Wellcome Trust, died - to now.


Exhibition graphics are by Kerr|Noble.


Below is a brief press release from the Wellcome Collection:


Medicine Man & Medicine Now

Wellcome Collection


On the 22nd of June Wellcome Collection, a brand new public space and major exhibition venue has opened in central London.


Wellcome Collections provides a new and powerful approach to engaging the public with medical science and art, offering two permanent exhibitions, one temporary exhibition space, a library, bookshop and café.


The two new permanent exhibition spaces, Medicine Man and Medicine Now, have been design by Gitta Gschwendtner with exhibition graphics
by Kerr|Noble.