Slip-cast link light by Sarah Moucher

New Designers 07: Sarah Moucher, a graduate of the Wood, Metal, Plastics and Ceramics course at the University of Brighton, showed this light made of removable links fabricated in slip-cast ceramic.


Moucher explains:


This year, I have developed projects based on links and linking systems. I am interested in the way that one element repeated can make a surface that looks different from its individual parts. Form is also important to me, so through crafting the components, I hope to reveal a certain sculptural quality. My pieces are prototypes, which could lend thenselves to mass or batch production.


In ceramic, I am showing a pendant light structure. The body of the piece consists of a repeat slip-cast link, levels of which can be added or taken away as desired. The links form an open fretwork that throw light around the piece, playing with the notion of shadow patterns inside. My intention is to sell the light in a kit form, with 2 different sized top rings and 100 links that customers can assemble as desired.

The ceramic slipcast cup series are static single objects that look like a couple of linterlocking links, one seeming to float above the table‘s surface, the other providing a handle to hold, and so thus deceive the eye.