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Virgin Clubhouse at Narita Airport, Tokyo, by Klein Dytham Architecture

Klein Dytham Architecture of Tokyo have relauched their website with images of several new projects, including Virgin Clubhouse - a lounge for premium passengers flying from Narita International Airport on Virgin Atlantic.

Photos are by Daici Ano. Here's a project description from the architects:


The space is about relaxing - but one also 'consumes' a drink and a light snack before the flight. Virgin Atlantic is known for its off beat, non corporate, luxurious yet fun ʻClubhouse' lounges around the world. Tokyo was to be no different. The brief was simple: the new Virgin Clubhouse should be 1/3 Virgin, 1/3 Japan and 1/3 the designer's own distinct expression.

The space faces directly onto the runway with amazing views of the aircrafts. We decided to divide the space into different areas so passengers have a choice of where to relax within the lounge.

The flight from Narita being a morning flight we designed a long breakfast bar where passengers can sit easily, catch up on the morning news, plug in their laptops, watch TV or read the paper. There are also two lounge areas with wired connections in the armrests of the seats, a business centre to the back of the space and a long raised deck along the window which covers a large perimeter heating unit.

The raised deck allows the space to flow right up against the full height windows giving the entire space a very open and light atmosphere. The raised deck along the window with it's array of natural plants makes for great runway gazing seating. Behind the reception space runs a long counter with magazines and newspapers, relaxed seating and a ʻsnack and grab' fridge. The space is hosted by the Virgin staff from a full kitchen.

To divide the various relaxing zones within the lounge we have used ʻfin screens' which allow clear views out to the runway when looking straight through, but when viewed obliquely from the side, form light dividing screens. On one side of the fin we have printed a traditional bamboo scene and on the other side contemporary ʻanime' images by Japan's leading animator Koji Morimoto who is credited for the Animatrix movie. On arriving in the lounge one experiences the 'traditional' first. On walking toward the kitchen counter though and looking back one is confronted with the 'future'. Japan has a culture of many incongruous ambiguities and we wanted to reflect this within the lounge.