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Dezeen's monthly top ten

A new feature on Dezeen: every month we will present a hit parade of stories from our archive. To kick off, here are the top ten most read stories during December.

In the top spot this month: Bruketa & Zinić's annual report for food company Podravka, which has to be baked before it can be read (above; viewed 26,612 times during December 2007).

2: Boeing 787 Dreamliner (viewed 17,477 times)

3: Normal Timepieces by Ross McBride (viewed 13,819 times)

4: A bookshop in a church by Merkx + Girod (viewed 11,710 times)

5: Robert Stadler installation in a Paris church (viewed 8,438 times)

6: Design Miami 2007 catalogue (PDF downloaded 7,906 times)

7: The Dairy House by Charlotte Skene Catling (viewed 7,635 times)

8: Non-lethal mousetraps by Roger Arquer (viewed 6,635 times)

9: New products from Metaphys (viewed 5,777 times)

10: Drop Chandelier by Stuart Haygarth at Design Miami (viewed 5,763 times)

That's it for now; another top ten coming in February. See also our list of the most popular stories during our first twelve months, published in November last year.