Taichung Gateway park by Stan Allen Architects

The proposed Taichung Gateway park by Stan Allen Architects will create a new urban district on the site of the former airport in Taichung, Taiwan.


The park, measuring 250 hectares, will provide the structure for future architectural and cultural development of the district.

Stan Allen Architects will also be designing several buildings to be integrated within the park.

The following text is from Stan Allen Architects:



The municipality of Taichung, located one hour south of Taipei by high-speed railway, will create a new urban district on the site of the former municipal airport. This vast empty site offers an unprecedented opportunity to imagine a new urban paradigm that incorporates ecology, urbanism and architecture.

SAA's design integrates movement, program and ecology into a single system. The new image for the site is an immense green tract, an active site that distributes people, goods, bio-matter and energy throughout the site. It not only functions as the scaffolding for future development, but the figural void of the park creates a strong and progressive image for the future of the city.


Our proposal creates a single unifying element that incorporates as many program elements as possible: circulation, green space and natural ecologies, new cultural institutions research facilities, as well as major public attractors.

The new parkway infrastructure defines a zone of intense design investment while strategically opening up edges of the site to existing urban development pressures.

The project has just been awarded a Progressive Architecture Award (P/A Award) that should be announced in New York later this week.