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Messy tablecloth and REM bed by AZEdesign

Polish designers AZEdesign have created two textile products embellished with the outlines of objects which may be placed on them while in use.

The first project, called the Messy table cloth, is embroidered with outlines of the mess created by eating a meal, which the designers hope will encourage interaction at meal times.

The second, entitled REM, is a bed cover decorated with outlines representing the various positions a sleeping person may assume while dreaming.

Both products are made from 100% cotton and are sewn by women at the BERDO craft women's group.

Here's some infomation on the two projects from Anna Kotowicz and Arthur Puszkarezicz of AZE design:


MESSY tablecloth

Nowadays we eat whatever and wherever. We have made the meal into an activity of fulfilling hunger.We have forgotten the pleasure of celebrating meals. We do not cook; we do not have time to clean, so we do not mess...

The MESSY project brings back the concept of meeting at the table. It is a pattern of situation, when a meal is an opportunity to spend time together.

MESSY was awarded at "MY WORLD" design contest organized by British Council and National Art Gallery ZACHĘTA.

Available in three sizes.

REM Bedclothes

We usually sleep away 20 years of our lives. Sleeping, seemingly still, is in fact constant movement. REM (Rapid Eye Movement) is one of phases of sleep. In this phase we dream our dreams. Changing the position during sleeping is the "picture" of the dream. During the night we create our own pattern on our bed.