Lladró Re-Cyclos by Committee 2

Here are some more new pieces by London designers Committee for Spanish porcelain brand Lladró's Re-Cyclos collection (see earlier story).

The figures are based on figurines from the brand’s archive. Committee were particularly attracted to the Lladró moulds and golden glazing techniques.

Below is an explanation of each piece from Committee:



The British design team Committee, made up by Clare Page and Harry Richardson, has been commissioned with the latest reincarnation of Lladró Re-Cyclos, a project creating new visions of already existing figurines by the porcelain brand. Maison et Objet is the chosen venue for the exclusive presentation of these new designs, in which core Lladró subject matters are reinterpreted in a new language.

Instead of looking at the actual figurine, Committee was attracted to the unseen beauty of the mould. Like a fortress, a mould’s robust form protects the intricacies that lie in negative relief inside. This original form, able to bring forth countless positive versions of itself, has a strange allure, at once the source and an abstraction of figurines we know. The Inside Out boxes are intended to capture the spirit and preciousness of the Lladro moulds.


Inspired by animal kingdom, Committee create a fantasy world, in which the spirit of the pieces is further enhanced by using golden tones.

Elephants walking is one of the figurines customized by Committee, who have used green tones to suggest a dream-like scene. The golden color creates a new image of the animals, as if simulating a jet of water sprayed by the elephants over their backs from their trunks.

This detail is different in each piece. In the case of The monkey, Committee underscored this character’s curiosity by turning the flower that has caught its attention into a source of liquid gold, that overflows onto the hand that holds it and marks the finger that reached out to touch it.


Some original compositions thematically focusing on the values and feelings evoked by Lladró, but with a change in the language used.

Taking some little angels from Immaculate Virgin, they have created new pieces showing these heavenly creatures as they discover an earthly world. Curiosity and the adventure of life are the themes around which these creations revolve, depicted with imagination and a touch of humor


Born in Northampton and London respectively and trained at the Liverpool Art School, Clare Page and Harry Richardson claim that they explore the everyday with a mixture of “pragmatism and imagination”. At their studio, the designers hoard thousands of objects bought in street markets and antiques shops: a colorful assortment of pottery animals, figurines, boxes, vases and other bric-a-brac.

Committee works with the concept that these objects, which supposedly have already fulfilled the function they were created for, take on a new life. That is how they came up with, among other creations, their celebrated “kebab” lamps. These original compositions are a kind of “collage” of various ornaments that find an unusual, extraordinary type of beauty without moving away from the everyday. The spirit of the designs of this duo fits in to perfection with the philosophy of Re-Cyclos, for which nothing is destroyed and everything is transformed as it acquires a new meaning.

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Posted by Rose Etherington