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Two-timer by Industrial Facility

Milan 08: designer Sam Hecht of Industrial Facility launched his Two-Timer clocks for Established & Sons, which allow the time in two time zones to be displayed on one clock face.


“It’s as if everyone these days has come from or is going to somewhere else... " explains Hecht. "Two-Timer is a useful expression of this modern condition, merging two different time zones into one clock.”


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The following text is from Established & Sons:


Many cities, with London no exception, continue to experience the mass movement of people. It’s as if everyone these days has come from somewhere else. The Two Timer clock acknowledges this modern condition with two clocks sharing the same dial.

How curious an idea - it’s as if a finger has stretched a round clock to form a little corner – an offspring, if you like. Two quartz movements, with a carefully devised dial, are housed in a steel frame.

Designed in two sizes, it will sit happily in the home, the office, the hospital, the hotel, the airline lounge, or the foyer of a financial building. It illustrates that even with different time zones we are of one world.