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Mattia Bonetti at David Gill Galleries

An exhibition of new work by Swiss designer Mattia Bonetti will be on show at David Gill Galleries in London from next week.


The collection includes aluminium pieces like the Yo-Yo table and Alu console (above) alongside Chewing Gum table (top image) and the Happy Birthday cabinet (below), decorated to look like a giant gift.


Here's some more information from David Gill Galleries:



David Gill Galleries is delighted to announce an exhibition of new work by Mattia Bonetti at 3 Loughborough Street London SE11 5RB, 14 May to 14 June, 2008.

Mattia Bonetti was one of the first artists to work with David Gill when he established his gallery in Fulham Road in 1987. Now, Bonetti is set to have a solo show at David Gill’s primary space in Loughborough Street, which opened in 1999.


Above: Toast chest of drawers

Ten new designs will include the Happy Birthday cabinet, a large-scale piece which, with its aluminium leaf and varnish exterior is a triumph of fine skills. A book dedicated to this piece will be published jointly by David Gill Galleries and Bernard Chaveau Editeur, Paris.


Yo Yo table (above), another new piece from Bonetti, is made in polished aluminium, with one part seeming to float above the other. A restrained and intentionally simple piece, its beauty lies in the absolute perfection of its production. The resulting piece is quite literally flawless.


Above: Heather chest of drawers

Mattia Bonetti describes his latest collection as “more compact and coherent. There’s a lot more colour – particularly in the pieces with a dichroic paint finish. I love the way the colour changes: it brings movement to a static piece.”


Above and below: Pearl table