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4millimetri table by Studiocharlie

Milan 08: Italian designers Studiocharlie launched 4millimetri table for Boffi in Milan last month.


The table is made from 4mm thick sheel steel, laser cut and folded to form the legs and top from one piece.


The information below is from Studiocharlie:



The 4millimetri table, produced and sold by Boffi, is made of a 4 mm thick steel sheet using lasercut technology and folds.


The 4millimetri table, developed starting from the Cinque Millimetri table, is traced on to a 4 mm thick steel sheet. It becomes three-dimensional with folds that define the legs, the feet and the structural reinforcements.


The table has a strong graphic image. It seems as light as a folded sheet of paper but is as robust as the steel with which it is built. Volumes are suggested by surfaces and surfaces are defined by a line that draws the object. The volumes that can be seen from the front reveal a more subtle nature when observed in a more lateral perspective.


The short side of the table is solely defined by the width of the steel sheet. The long side shows the folded surfaces that give structure to the sheet. The horizontal and vertical elements – traditionally divided between top and legs - are redefined in a continuous dialogue. Indeed, the legs become part of the top, and the top folded into a U shape becomes more vertical, underlining the structural and material continuity between the two dimensions.


Two cuts are made on the surface to create sections in the top, accentuatingthe table’s lightness.


The table has been exhibited in different dimensions and in three finishing colours during Milan Design Week 2008 in Tortona area (Milan Magazzini Generali di Porta Genova, via Valenza 2) and in the Boffi's showroom (Milan, via Solferino 11).